Ryan's Log

Anyways back to the Gym in the AM I plan on going back to the basics here is what I’m going for…

Squat: 5X5 @ 275
Bench Press: 5X5 @ 155
Dead Lift: 3X5 @ 315

Ok So training has been less than consistent in the last couple of months, per my last post I did go lift but was a little short of my stated goals, but as of now I am back on the training train so to speak, I started doing some more reading again, got my diet back to less than horrible and now have a new gym/work schedual.

Ok so as far as the new program I decided to tourture myself with Dan John’s 1 Lift per Day program as of this morning I am 6 days into the first week, I wanted to get myself into the swing of it before I posted anything, even here I dont want the few of you that keep up on my posts thinking I’m actually this flaky.

So with out further adue…

Day 1 Bench
Scheduled lifts/weights
7 X 5 @ 135, 155, 175, 195, 145, 165, 185
What Actually happened
135X5, 155X5, 175X3, 190X0 135X5, 155X4, 160X4
With Push ups in between Starting at 10 and only being able to do 2 at the end.

Day 2 Squat
Guessed weight just right mabey 10 lbs light
7X5 @ 175, 195, 215, 225, 185, 205, 225
With sets of 10 jumps for height and speed in between.
OMG my legs are still killing me!!

Day 3 Standing Overhead/Military Press
Everything was still a little sore from benching,
got the weight just perfect for this one
7X5 @ 95, 115, 135, 145, 105, 125, 145 Actually only got 4 on the last set, I didnt have a BW exersize to do for this one if you can think of one let me know!

Day 4
Off - lots of Tiger Balm and hot showers sore as hell all over, at this point I wanted to send Dan John a e-mail full of expletives and threats. Oh yah and it was my 32 birthday!

Day 5 Curl
I know I know but I haven’t done them since like April of last year.
7X5 @ 45, 65, 85, 105, 55, 75, 95
with sets of 6 Fat Guy pull ups in between.

Day 6 Dead Lift
7X5 @ 195, 215, 235, 255, 205, 225, 245.
7X10 Jumps for height between each set.
I probably could have been 30-40 lbs heavier if I had too, but that might of killed me I was breathing hard and sweating profusely at the end of the workout so it was worth while even if it was a little light.

I don’t remember all of the bodyweight exercises being in between each set … any reason for adding it? Because for me, I would just get tired and it would take away from the actual money exercise.

Since you asked, between shoulder sets you could a decline push-up - feet elevated on a bench, hands on the ground.

OLAD has been one of those programs that I’ve always wanted to give a go.

[quote]TheDudeAbides wrote:
I don’t remember all of the bodyweight exercises being in between each set … any reason for adding it? Because for me, I would just get tired and it would take away from the actual money exercise.

Since you asked, between shoulder sets you could a decline push-up - feet elevated on a bench, hands on the ground.

OLAD has been one of those programs that I’ve always wanted to give a go.[/quote]

One lift a Day article:

It’s an optional thing 2nd paragraph below the 7X5 example in the article.

Well do you think it helps? I personally would like more in the tank to do the actual lift. Then again, I’m not Dan John and there probably is a good reason behind it.

It really burns out every last muscle fiber, it doesn’t effect strength as much as I can tell but It’s killer on the muscle endurance,

And now for day 1 of week 2
Holy heck I’m still sore from week one, the workout went like this,
Bench Press:
6X3 165,185, 205 X 1, 195 X 2, 175, 185, 185

I know I was a little high on the weight last week and hoped that I could get it this week but I couldn’t I don’t have a partner at this time so #2 on the 205, I actually dropped on the safety bar so I adjusted sets 5 & 6 to what I could do without dropping it on me. they should have been 195 and 215,. I have lost a lot of strength in my time away, setting up this program I was a little more optimistic than realistic, so we will see what happens next week with the bench.

Ok Day 2 Week 2
OMG too easy I’m going to have to ramp up the weight for week 3!
todays work out went like this,
6X3 @ 190, 210, 235, 205, 225, 245
and 10 Jumps for speed for each set.

Day 3 of Week 2
Over Head Press
3X5 @ 115, 135, 155, 125, 145, & 1X2 @ 165
W/ 10 inclined push ups with each set.

Yesterday (Thursday) off day, I was on a family trip to Nebraska this week, I had the local wellness center do my body Comp (skin fold).
Body Weight in Lbs: 217
Body fat %: 25.3%
Body Fat Lbs: 54.9 Lbs
Lean Body Mass Lbs: 162.1

My latest order from Biotest came while I was gone, I had already planned on dieting down, according to the program they used @ 190 lbs I will be at 15%BF so thats my first goal for weight loss.

Oh by the wayfor those of you who care, We didn’t get home till late last night and I over slept so I will have to do my workout @ 10:30 tonight when the wife gets home from work.

Ok so for all of you waiting with oohie gooey, here is Today’s workout.
Day 5 of Week 2
6 X 3 @ 85, 105, 125, 75, 95, 115

With 10 assisted curl-ups after each set.
not terrible but lifting at 11:10 Pm Sucks luckily it only took 20 min. The 125 set sucked and along with the curl-ups Today’s workout killed my forearms.

Last day of week 2
Dead Lift
Workout went like this 6 X 3 @ 235, 255, 275, 225, 245, 265
With the standard 10 Jumps in between, not too heavy but definitely worth the time it took!

Just for color I took my son (5) to the gym with me today, I have taken him once before, if I went to a commercial gym I could never do it, but it just use my work gym and I’m usually the only one there, He does good. He does some hammer curls with the girlie DB’s, up-right row with the easy curl bar, Does a 10 lb lat row and 10 lb pull-downs. It’s funny as hell to watch and I give him little pointers here and there but he want to do it himself cuz he’s a big boy… I’m going to take him when I can he likes it and it’s positive father son time.


Almost there, 1st day of Week #3
Bench Press:
1X5 @ 185, 1X3 @ 205, 1X1 @ 225, 1X0 @ 225, my last set was supposed to be 1X2 @ 225 got the 1st one and about the first 5 inches of the 2nd and failed, I reset took a couple of min and failed on my 2nd attempt. Of course I hit my 10 push-ups between sets, one thing I did notice is that the program calls for explosive push-ups and by today I was pushing explosively enough to get an inch or so off the ground for about 25 or so of my 30. Squat is tomorrow and I know I’m going to have to go heavier than I have been last week was too light.

As week 4 will be an off week I am looking for suggestions for a program to go to next. I’m not overjoyed with my Squat and Dead but I know they are decent. I know I need to work shoulders, chest back and arms. So any suggestions for programs that are upper body focused would be great, keep in mind that I have very little to work with as far as equipment goes, just the basics.
After this program I’ll prob. go back to a 3X5 or 5X5 Squat and Dead program for 8 weeks or so.
I’m also going to push fat loss this go around, I am going to incorporate the workout:

      The Last 10 Pounds

30 Days to Abs Without Changing Your Diet
by Alwyn Cosgrove

I’m nowhere near seeing my abs but this looks challenging and I can stand to loose 30+ so I figure why not.

Alright I said I was going to have to go much heavier to get a 2 RM for this program and I did the only thing is now I wish I had gone much heavier the whole time.
I did:
1X5 @ 315,
1X2 3/4 @ 335
Belted up and did:
1X2 @ 335
With the 10 jumps in between.
On a side note I cleared the safety stops (34-36 inches) on all 30 jumps.
While I was lifting I was thinking that some of yo9u guys are doing the 300/400/500 goals, I think that I could get the 400/500 part within a month or two but my bench feels like it would take forever to get to.

So far this is what I have come up with:
Training: Back and Biceps
Hammer Curls
Bent over Row
E-Z Bar Curls
Lat Pull Downs
Seated Curls
Seated Row
Cross Body Hammer Curls

Training: Chest
Mini Press
Dumbbell Flies
Incline DB Press

Training: Off
Training: Off

Training: Chest and Triceps
Bench Press
Triceps Extensions
Dumbbell Flies
Incline DB Press
Triceps Push Downs

Training: Legs
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls
Leg Press

Now that I have a lift list i just have to come up with a set rep scheme I would like to go with a big volume plan. I’ll be looking on here and hopefully one of you can suggest a good set/rep range.

Due to Daycare/work issues I had to take my off day yesterday and do Push Press today,
Week 3 Day 4 Push Press
1X5 @ 135
1X3 @ 155
1X3 @ 165 I was supposed to do 2 but had a little extra gas so I got 1 more.
W/ 10 inclined push ups with each set.
Doing Day 5 first thing in the Am so stay tuned!

Back in the Gym first thing this morning!
1X5 @ 115
1X3 @ 125
1X2 @ 135
With 3 set of 10 curl-ups in between.

I don’t know what it is but I had this weird urge to pop my collar and do these in the squat rack! lol but seriously it feels really weird and a little dorky to only be in the gym for 20 min and only do 3 sets of curls.