Ryan's Log

I just finished my 2nd round of Rippetoe, I made some real good strength gain and I’m happy with those, but I lost the motivation for that program. A friend of mine at work put together a new program for me. It goes like this,

Day 1
Bench Press 3 X 6-8 to Failure,
Pull-Ups to Failure,
Narrow Grip Bench Press 3 X 6-8 to Failure,
Standing Barbell Curl 3 X 6-8 to Failure,
Dumbbell Press 3 X 6-8 to Failure,

Day 2,

Day 3,
Squats 3 X 6-10 to Failure,
Dead Lift 3 X 4-6 to Failure,
Seated Calf Raises 3 X 15 to Failure,
Crunches to Failure

Day 4,

Day 5,
Dumbbell Press 3 X 6-8 to Failure,
Narrow Grip Pull Downs 3 X 6-8 to Failure,
Triceps Push Down 3 X 6-8 to Failure,
Seated Dumbbell Curls 3 X 8-10 to Failure
Military Press 3 X 6-8 to Failure,
Incline Crunches to Failure (Optional)

Day 6 & 7,
Rest and/or Cardio.

  • edit, switched to read Set X Reps

Age: 31
Height: 6’00"
Weight: 213
Body Fat %- 26%+/-
Ankle: L/R: 9.5/9.5
Calf L/R: 15.5/15.5
Thigh L/R: 26/25.75
Waist: 36.5
Stomach Measurement: 40.5
Bellybutton to Nipples: 8.25
Chest: 46
Wrist L/R: 7/7
Forearm L/R: 12.75/13.25
Bicep L/R: 15.25/15.5
Shoulders: 22
Neck: 17

Day 1 Week 1

Bench Press 7 X 1 @ 185,2 X 4 @ 185
Pull-Ups 8,6,4
Narrow Grip Bench Press 1 X 8 @ 110, 1 X 8 @ 135, 1 X 5 @ 155
Standing Barbell Curl 1 X 8 @ 95 2 X 7 @ 80,
Dumbbell Press 3 X 8 w/50’s

I realy like the change so far. It is a strange feeling to have just my arms tired after a workout, I even thought about going for a little run after my workout but I decided to start out easy. I was testing the waters with the weights but I think I got most of them pretty close so next week should be a very solid workout depending on my situations my friend said that I could go to a 4 day workout if I get more gym time than usual so I may throw either another leg day in or an oly lift day (2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off)but that depends on the home and daycare scheduals.

Good luck with this new program, I hope it helps with the motivation. And I can see how you could benefit from more of a split than you were doing. Since you say you may put in another day I will be interested to see how that works out.

Right now, though, it seems like legs would not be getting enough work and back sufficient balance for all the pressing, but I know you can do some stuff at home, too. Afraid I do not know anything about the template apparently used: Does ‘failure’ mean literally that, so that you’ve got a spotter where needed, or does it mean ‘no further rep possible’? (I am skeptical about the rationale for the former on some movements, like DLs and bench press – but would be glad to learn something!)

Week 1 Day 3,
Squats 3 X 10 @ 275 No Failure,
Dead Lift 1 X 4 @ 335 1 X 2 @ 315,
Seated Calf Raises 3 X 15 @ 145 No Failure,
Crunches to Failure @ 126

Notes to come…

Looks like HIT to me … maybe you should try Starting Strength or a 5x5 routine.

I kid. I kid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Always Nice to hear from The Dude, Thanks.

As far as todays workout goes it was exhausting, According to my friend I’m supposed to reach failure on each set, but some how I can’t get myself to reach failure on squats, I thought 275 for 30 reps would do it but I was wrong, 1st time for everything! LOL
I really thought I would reach failure sooner on the crunches like 55-60 maybe I should go to inclined crunches or holding some weights just for times sake.
Finally I think I may have to go to standing calf raises I used the E-Z curl bar today but it hurt the hell out of my legs, I still have limited equipment at my work.

All in all I really like the new program and Monday July 7th my wifes schedual is changing so I can go to a 4 day split like I mentioned earlier!!

I have found that going to failure is very difficult - especially when training on your own or with someone that is not familiar with HIT or training to failure.

A change of scenery will be good for your body.

Day 5,
Dumbbell Press 1 X 10 w/60’s,1 X 8 w/65’s, 1 X 8 w/65’s
Narrow Grip Pull Downs 1 X 10 @ #11, 1 X 10 @ #13 1 X 7 @ #13,
Triceps Push Down 1 X 10 @ 100, 1 X 8 @ 115, 1 X 6 @ 115
Seated Dumbbell Curls 1 X 10 w/45’s, 1 X 7 w/45’s, 1 X 6 w/45’s,
Military Press 3 X 6-8 to Failure,Skipped
Incline Crunches to Failure (Optional)Skipped

I don’t think it was the intensity of the workout that made me Vomit, I thought 40min to an hour would have been enough time for breakfast to settle but… I skipped Military and the crunches due to the fact that they were on page 2 of my workout sheet and I forgot they were there.

Week 1 Day 7,
Squats 2 X 10, 1 X 8 @ 295 Failure,
Dead Lift 2 X 3, 1 X 2 @ 315 Failure,
Seated Calf Raises 1 X 15, 12, 14 @ 140 Failure,
Incline Crunches to Failure @ 36,

Good workout, got a membership to the YMCA last Friday and they actually have a seated calf machine so the 140 is actually better than the 145 last week cuz I had to use an E-Z curl bar to do them last time.

I was still a little sore from last leg day but to get my days where I want them I decided to go to 4 days this week. I’m going to take Sat and Sun off then start my 4 day a week plan now that I have all my weights zeroed in.

Week 2 Day 1
BW: 210.5
Bench Press 1 X 10 @ 160, 2 X 7,5 @ 170,
Pull-Ups 1 X 7,6,4 @ BW -50,
Narrow Grip Bench Press 1 X 10 @ 110 2 X 6,7 @ 140,
Standing Barbell Curl 3 X 7,4,4 @ 90,
Dumbbell Press 3 X 8,6,5 W/65’s,

Great workout, my arms are on fire, I’m really kinda disappointed in my pull-ups, I can’t believe that my back is lagging that much, I’m going to keep using assistance until I can get them up to speed, once I can get 3 sets of 10+ I’ll drop 10 lbs off of the assistance and repeat.

Week 2 Day 2,
AB Coaster 1 X 51, 1X 70, 1 X 304,
Squats 1 X 4 @ 305, 1 X 4, 5 @ 295,
Dead Lift Skipped,
Seated Calf Raises 1 X 15, 15, 13 @ 150,

I am really disappointed in myself today, I could not keep up my intensity that I needed for a heavy leg work out. It doesn’t help that I sun burned the crap out of my legs and lower back. It may take me a couple of work outs to get my CNS adjusted to a 4 day split, I’m also thinking about turning one of my leg days into a back only day I could use some suggestions on what would make for a good back workout.

Week 2, Day 4,
Incline Crunches to Failure, 1 X 17
OMG my abs are sore the 400+ on the Ab Coaster didn’t feel that bad when I did them…
Dumbbell Press 1 X 10 w/75’s,1 X 6 w/80’s, 1 X 4 w/80’s
Narrow Grip Pull Downs 1 X 10 @ 115, 1 X 15 @ 225 1 X 10 @ 235,
I actually had to hold a 35 Lbs plate between my heals and ass to keep myself on the deck.
Triceps Push Down 1 X 10 @ 115, 1 X 10 @ 130, 1 X 8 @ 135,
Seated Dumbbell Curls 1 X 10 w/45’s, 1 X 10 w/55’s, 1 X 6 w/60’s,
Military Press 1 X 9, 8, 6, @ 100

Holy Crap today workout was awesome, I got a good warm up at work, it was 80 degrees and we jogged 1 mile, ran 1 hill sprint 100 Meters with a 110 foot rise(one of you math guys can figure out the angle), 3, 100 meter sprints, and 3/4 mile interval run.

By the time I got to the Y I had a good sweat going and I felt like an animal, hammering out my lifts. I can’t believe the strength gains and man I’m already starting to see size gains, I had prepared myself not to see much for several weeks. I actually had 2 people say something about my arms getting bigger(1 co worker and the wife).

On a personal note I have an interview tomorrow morning with the place I already work for a different job which will be a promotion!! Also it looks like we are going to be able to move into a new house in a few days!!!

Week 3 Day 1
BW: 215
Bench Press 7,5,4 @ 180,
Pull-Ups 9,6,5 @ BW -50,
Narrow Grip Bench Press 7,6,8 @ 140,
Standing Barbell Curl 9,7,5 @ 90,
Dumbbell Press 6,5,3, W/75’s,

Personal Update,
I got my new job and will be moving into a new house on our campus so training will be hit and miss, mostly miss for the next couple of weeks until the family gets settled. for those of you who are reading I apologize for the pause in training but sometimes you gota advance your life.

Ok so it turn into 2 months in stead of two weeks but I’m back I have a new deadline and some new goals so I’ll be posting those up before long, I hope that you guys haven’t given up on me, cuz I haven’t.

Goal Update, I have to test for the SD State Patrol, some time in the 2nd week of October. The test consists of a 1.5 mile run, #of sit-ups in 1 min, #of Push-ups in 1 min, and vertical jump. A 100% score for the age group below me is:
Run = < 12:01
Sit-ups = > 39
Push-Ups = > 27
Vertical Jump = > 19.25 inches
Body weight of < 202lbs

So my goal is to max the age group below me. I’m running every other day, I’m going to start doing Push-Ups and Sit-Ups on the other days. I don’t think there is much I can do for the vertical jump but I do fit somewhere in the middle of the span so I’m good with that. As far as BW I’m sitting at 210 give or take so I’m not worried about that, easy cut starting about a week before the test.
My current scores are:
09/24 1.5 miles in 15:06 w/20 lbs pack and full sweat gear.
09/26 1.5 miles in 13:05 in just running gear.
Push-ups in 1 Min = 22

Sit-ups in 1 Min = 38

Keep in mind that I’m training at 5400+ feet and on an uneven trail and the test is at 1100 feet on a high school’s flat track. That will make a big difference in the time.
Any Input would be apreciated.

Ryan good luck with the test…though we both know it ain’t luck. I have a feeling so long as you keep hammering away at that running you’ll shave off that minute soon enough…besides, like you said, it’ll be in better conditions. Just don’t count on that TOO much.

Ridiculous they do situps on fitness tests still, ain’t it? Deadlift would be so much better.

I would prefer a deadlift test but Im sure somebody would say it made the test bias to weight lifters lol…
My only worry right now is the weight Under 202 at 6 foot is a little outragious,luckly I got the flu this week so Im at 203 or 204 but real my curb weight is usually 215-220.
Thanks for the support I’ll keep everybody posted!

Well Im back, I did well on the test but not as well as I would have liked,
21 push ups I just felt weak and didn’t have the digg for anymore
43 sit ups, satisfied but still wish it was better
25.5 inch vertical. I was like holy crap where did that come from last year when I did the test I barely broke 20 inches!

And the Run, Conditions sucked we did it on a road not the track from last year and 2/3’s of it was into a 10 mph head wind. I still ran a 12:45, I hit a wall and just couldn’t get my second wind.

On a positive note I killed in the interview which is where I usually have the most trouble.

They will be sending letters out by this Friday to say if I made the cut to move forward or not, either way I learned some things about me today so if they say no I’ll be more ready next year.