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Ryan K's Road To The Arnold - Now Free



Thanks for posting this I have been wanting to see this for ages! Im off to watch it now!

Ok just watched it all. It is unbelieveable how explosive Ryan is. He is damn lean for a SHW! not realy alot of training featured but the training that is shown in good stuff, most of it has been seen on youtube such as the 405x20 but still a great watch. A great watch and something I will no doubt watch again soon.

Awesome…Good call on the post… Watching that can pull anyone out of a slump… Thanks Hanley…

I was actually going to post this, good thing I checked to see if anyone had it.

It’s amazing to see how far Kennely has come since the making of this video.

Man I have to say I was first amazed that kennelly wears his belt all day every day. The vid was good but I would have like to have seen more of the training I have seen the vids of him in the meets before and would have like to have seen more of the actual training that he does I mean there was what maybe 30 mins of that.

All in all it was a cool watch a nice motivational vid but I have to say for over all enjoyment I liked the ronnie c vids more.