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Ryan Kennelly - Stan Efferding Benching



that was pretty awesome


As crazy as their strength is, I'm almost equally impressed by how relatively close their grips are. That wasn't some crazy arched, super wide bench where the bar only travels 8". Those two dudes are freaks.


Well they're obviously not going to go super-wide if they're benching raw.



great video. thanks for posting!


I've seen some pretty big raw benchers go with index fingers on the rings or wider. They both had ring fingers on the rings.


Yea, Allen Baria benches with a wide grip. It just depends on the lifter. Hoornstra, conversely, has a very narrow grip.


very cool vid


Yeah, that was awesome. Imagine the energy in that gym training with those two! Not sure I believe that the Blast shirt would only be good for 10-20lb on top of Stan's best raw bench though...


We'll find out soon


Every time I see a video of Stan Efferding at a meet he seems so intimidating, then when he talks it amazes me at how nice of a person he seems.