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Ryan Kenelly Arrested for Steroid Posession and Sales




You're goverment is a fucking joke,.
They will happilly sponser olympic athletes to cheat using PED's for years, and allow docters to murder unborn children with whatever drugs they want. But it comes to a powerlifter doing well for himself and not harming a single other human being in the process, it's a whole different ball game.


We get the government we deserve...stupid uninformed citizens=stupid political figureheads=stupid laws


Steroids are God's gift to humanity.

There, I said it.


Words to live by.


What really sucks is this is bad publicity. Ryan is one of, if not the biggest name in the sport right now. He just got busted big time, and it's going to make the sport look bad. I'm not against at all what he's doing, but it just sucks, because the general public looks down on us even more.





Man that sucks..


Bummer. I don't think AAS or marijuana should be illegal but I don't make the laws...when they scheduled AAS I wasn't even old enough to vote and from what I've read on the topic it seems like congress decided to schedule it even though the DEA didn't want it scheduled.

I've poked around a little online and the word on the street is that Kennelly was busted a few months back on these charges and was waiting on a court date...and he continued running his business and he got nailed again. IF that is true, he's really fucked.

It kind of seems like quite a few "labs" that get nailed are doing more than just AAS...and that just ends up looking really bad.

Whatever the case may be, I wish the best for Kennelly.


Who cares? Powerlifting is never going to be a mainstream sport and this is hardly going to be what puts the nail in the coffin. Fill me in here, what "general public" is it that you know that are not only going to be aware of Ryan Kenelly's arrest for this, but are going to be informed and decide that this is the reason they're going to look down on powerlifting?

The same shit happens in olympic lifting and bodybuilding and they're doing just fine, and it happens in every other mainstream sport and they're doing fine as well. Trivial shit like this has nothing to do with why powerlifting is "looked down on" and it doesn't make "the sport look bad."


I have a friend going to jail soon for selling steroids. 4 months. Total bullshit.

Steroids went from a miracle drug to cheating in record time.


"Officers found the vials and packets of chemicals, along with a safe. Kennelly had the key to the safe, court documents said. Inside, detectives found more suspected drugs, $20,000 in cash and another $80,000 in gold coins, documents said."

gold coins?


Fuck Legal Paternalism.


powerlifting pirate


Have to agree here. If you would ask the average person who Kenelly is, you might get 1 out of a 1000 (if your lucky) who might know who he is.


Because when some out of shape 60 year old hears about this, along with who-ever is reading it is going to say "wow this powerlifting thing is a bunch of bull shit, they must ALL take steroids and smoke weed." Yeah we'll look great. Its not like they will investigate the sport or ban us from doing it, but people will think its a bull shit sport and everyone takes steroids.




WHEN our government collapses paper money will be worthless. gold never loses its value. I wonder if they found a stock pile of ammunition and guns as well?? sounds like my type of guy.