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Ryan Dunn, Jackass Star Dies


The news is just coming through now, but Ryan Dunn (Jackass) has died in a car crash at 3am this morning on Rt 322 in PA. He was driving 110 mph when he lost control of his Porsche and crashed into the woods. One other passenger has reportedly died via burning to death.
I'm sure this news will break nationally very soon.
Dunn was 34.


Sad day, Dunn was my favorite out of all of them. Goodnight Sweet Prince...


Speeding is no joke.I feel sorry for his passenger.RIP


Sad to hear, I honestly doubt he was sober at that time and speed. RIP


Damn. Watched 3.5 last night too. Sad.


Wow, this does suck. Dunn was always the man... especially if you were big in to the old CKY movies and scene back in the day, over whatever nonsense they're putting on MTV now.

Shame, I actually feel genuinely sad.



Alleged photos of the wreckage.


TMZ has a picture of him that he posted on Twitter. Apparently he was drinking with his buddies a little bit before the crash.


Wow,That sucks. I really liked Dunnn because he was always laid back. R.I.P bro.



I guess you can say...he "dunn" goof'd.


Very sad. RIP

I've lived near and driven on that road a million times and it's a bad stretch of highway.

It used to be called the "Killer Conchester" due to all the accidents that have occured on it.


That sucks.... I always liked Dunn and Knoxville the best. R.I.P


Bad joke. But who can blame you for tRyan.


Thanks,I guess like Ryan,my comedic career is Dunn for.



I should feel guilty for being an accomplice to adding humor to this thread. But I think Ryan would have wanted it this way.


No use cRyan over it. Like you said,he'd want it this way.


Ok that one was funny. The first one was just horrible but that second joke was dunn perfectly


LOL! Good one!


ugh. terrible news.


Accidents like this really make you ask Ryan Dunn they cause you to look back at times where you could've ended up in the same position? Scary stuff.

A bit of a stretch but I wanted in on the pun.