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Ryan Casey, The Truth?

How did he stay that ripped and get swole ?because the fact he got pretty swole without fat gain looks kind of suspicious. And he was shredded as hell the whole time with veins everywhere

wtaf… at 14?

Nothing particularly outrageous about his physique for his age. Certainly doesn’t scream ‘PEDs!’ at me.

If you want to see what amazing genetics can do for a young teen, suggest you Google ‘young Lee Priest.’

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Yep. He may have benefited from good direction- his dad or whom ever the adult in the picture at the beginning and briefly in the vid was, but nothing there looked foul.

Thats the benefit of youth. Inexhaustible growth/recovery. Any mid-late teen kids that have an interest in weight training or bodybuilding should absolutely run with it. That is anabolic prime-time.


Yup. Is why I started my son weightlifting with me when he hit puberty.

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I’m gonna have my hands full in about 8 years. :muscle:

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Even when little dude is like 10 years old and skinny, you can see he’s got good shoulders.

Like young Dorian or young Arnold.

You think he complains about his insertions and how he’s too ectomorph to bench 500?


Nothing shocking there IMO.

How did he stay ripped and get swole?

He’s young, has a good metabolism, and doesn’t force feed himself thinking it’s going to make him suddenly huge -lol (that last one is probably more important than any other)



Thanks for the reply stu! And

Solid thread bump. Dudes pretty strong

Does it matter though?

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Good diet + good genetics…I know of at least a few people who have awful diets who still have good abs…so, good genes + a good diet combined can be really potent!

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Hmmm…I dunno IDGAF lel.

Jumping quick on the juicy accusations for a guy who is strong af and great at manipulating angles, lighting and taking 100 pics to get that one perfect pic is a bit dumb but works the same the other way to say that this dude is natty in light of all the suspicious shit and the off chance he has top genetics.

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Nah. When i posted this thread 10 months ago i was skeptical but i dont think he’s on steroids. He’s strong and has great genetics tbh. I just watched the video and he already had a mass base and as you know mass transfers over to weight lifted. Maybe he just adapted to handling heavier weights? He can rep out the 100s on dumbell bench and never did bench press so that certainly has great carryover.

Im skeptical of other people though such as dylan mckenna.

Definitely. His dad was a bodybuilder too and hes wealthy so he had access to straight up coaching and whatever he needed. I dont really think he eats that good though. He bulks using ben and jerries lol ( not hating, its just easy calories for him,). I also follow him on snapchat and see alot of his crappy food/ him travelling around wih his buddies.

Umm this is a bit awkward cos it’s like the complete opposite of like what you are saying I think lol but this makes me think that his dad was juicy and wealthy so there’s the motive, knowledge, experience, means and stuff to enable juice

Lol soz should have bumped the thread by saying i think hes natty.

To be honest i cant say say for sure if hes nattt or not but imo i think he is.

There alot of variables as to why he would be on the juice especially considering hes now a sponsored gymshark athlete. Genetics > Trenetics

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Probably should’ve lead with that lol

Was googling the guy and clicked reddit. I think I got about 10x as cynical about natty or not and fake natties.

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I eat poptarts, chips, cookies, candy, and drink sodas all day. Not a joke. I also have at least half a pint of ice cream before bed most nights.

I’ve never been above about 12% bodyfat in my life. NOBODY would have accused me of using steroids when I was growing up. I started working out, added muscle, and stayed lean, and all of a sudden I heard ‘must be on steroids to be putting on muscle while keeping abs. everybody knows you have to add fat with muscle’. I lifted for a decade+ before steroids. Flash forward to now, I’m still lean, as I have been for 34 years, and people who meet me assume I’m lean because of steroids. No. I’m lean because genetics. I added a portion of the muscle I’ve gained in my life because of them.

what’s funny about this is that I think you have it backwards. I didn’t see indications that he was on steroids in your first video. The one guineapig posted makes me think he jumped on gear after his Jersey trip. I think the video itself is dumb, the guy talking about Casey spouts a lot of misinformation, but he is right that the jump to 385 so quickly on bench is suspect.

As others have suggested, it doesn’t matter if he’s on or not. It’s just my opinion that he is. Like, if it was a life or death wager, and I had to pick ‘on or not’, I’d bet ‘on’. I’ts just more likely. Maybe like a 60/40 or 70/30 proposition. Could be legit.

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I was similar, someone once described what I ate as “a junkie’s diet”. I went from being called anorexic to a juicer as I got serious about training lol

Then I hit 35 and I packed on a bunch of fat. Now I look at a cookie sideways and my waist expands :cry:

For the record… Im fighting the urge to say GO to Hell! Damn your metabolism!!! :wink:

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