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Ryan Braun Thread


My forte is not hormone replacement, so this topic has brought up some interesting questions for me. Braun reportedly testing very, very high for test and much of it is reportedly synthetic. Urine testing was involed.

  1. How long after using will test be out of the system?
  2. How long does it need to be in the system to produce PED type results?
  3. How long can it be taken without obvious, outward physiological side effects being present?

Braun is a pretty small guy, and it would astound me he could use and still look like a high school kid.


This is the TRT forum, where men are trying to get health issues under control.

You meant to post this in the Steroids forum.

When it gets moved there, everyone is going to make fun of you for being an ignorant gossip queen...you should probably just ask the mods to delete this silly thread.
Or move it to OFF TOPIC, where all stupid threads go to die.


  1. A few weeks
  2. question is unanswerable in its current form
  3. question is impossible to answer in any form