Ryan 5/3/1 & Bulk Log

Im starting my bulk today, this morning I weighed in at 194 @ a height of 5’10’'. I lost 10 lbs after a rocking climbing injury that made me take 10 days off the gym. Anyways this is my 2nd round of 5/3/1. The injury came right at the begining of my 4th wk (deload)so that was good.

goal weight is 225. Last time I bulked I went from 180 to 212 in 6 months I got pretty sloppy so im going to try and get this weight in 10-12 months.

I do 5 lifts per wk, military, bench, squat, deads, and arms

im trying out a 5 wk 5/3/1 instead of 4 wks, basically the 4th wk i do the 5/3/1 rep set but i do 80,90,100% for it then on the 5th wk I do the deload.

im finishing up my bachelors for crim justice, but im also trying to stay in shape for when i get in the academy so ill continue to run 3 times a wk. I know ill sacrifice some size, but i believe its worth it for a career.

Ill post my military workout from yesterday soon. My legs are a little sore from running hills the other day so ill probably do bench tonight

stand military 95x5, 115x5, 135x3 (i forgot my log book so i guessed the #'s and %'s, my bad)
dips- 5 sets x failure 70 reps
db press 55x5x10
lat raise 25x15x2

i know my military is weak, ive always struggled with it. They are going to be my primary focus over the next year.

8/14/09 here is my bench workout, instead of adding 5 lbs to my lifts i decided to redo the old weights. I cant say that in wk 3 I did the reps i felt that i should have.

weight @ gym 197.6
Incline bench- 140x5, 160x5, 185x9
incline db 75x5x10 (47 reps)
db extensions 70x5x10 (all 50 going to raise to 75)
db flies 40x2x10 (only got 17…)

im doing inclines because ive always struggled with it hopefully this will help.

tomorrow will be deads

from now on ill be recording my weight at the gym, i typically go around the same time (noon-3pm) so i figure itll be a fairly accurate, plus i broke my scale after dropping a db on it.

feeling a little sore today nothing too bad. Im going to try and post pitures in the not to distant future

Today was a decent day, weighed in at 200.0

deads 275x5, 305x3, 340x3 (2nd and 3rd reps were slipping) not happy about that.
bb lunge 115x25 per leg
standing calf 90x30x4
Db rows 70x15x4
light abs

my lunges suck, but in all fairness i just started doing them about a month ago. Im starting to like it, I have a goal of 225x10 per leg.

wasnt feeling it today, just went in to the gym and did a quick bicep workout

weight @ gym 200.4
ez cb 35lbs (per side)x10, 40x5x4
db hammer 55x10x3
db incline curl 30x10x3 (got 26)
ez reverse 20x10x2

wanted to do a quick run but ran out of time, ill just have to get one in tonight.

day off, sore in all the right places.

welp, it was supposed to be a day off, but i cooked a roast then ate close to half of said roast an hour later i got some caffeine in me and headed for the gym

8/17 weighed in at 201.8

chest- bb incline bench 150x3, 170x3, 195x8
db incline 70x5x10 - got 45
db extensions 75x5x10
db flies 40x2x10- only got 15 pretty blown out after the everything

jogged 17 laps

tuesday is a day off for sure, then deads.

I know im not following the best schedule but my schedule is still a little off. Next week school starts up again and my schedule should normalize.

just read my last post and realized i wrote schedule a little too much. Oh well, feeling good wanted to lift but golfed instead, way too hot today about 105 so that was rough. wednesday is deadlift day!

just made a cheese quesadilla with bacon… I think i found jesus whist eating it.

8/19 weighed in @ 202.2

deads 220x5, 250x5, 280x10
lunges 125x30 per leg- going to raise to 135 next wk
seated calf 90x15x4
db rows 75x15x3

pretty happy with 280x10- back was starting to give on the last 2, maybe next wk ill be able to get 12. But with 280x10 im only about 470lbs off of poundstones deadlift video! Better watch your back poundstone im just around the corner…ha

about ready to leave for work, legs feel fine so far. Didnt sleep very well, after work im going to the gym to do to military press, light jog, and work on abs.

Weight at gym 202.4

standing military 90x3, 100x3, 115x11
bw dips 5xfailure 76 reps
db press 55x5x10
pull ups 5xfailure = 26… thats very pretty shitty, im hoping to reach 50 by halloween.

I decided that i needed to do a lot of work on my back so i dropped the arm only workout and tried out my own version of 5/3/1 with back.

weighed in at 203.2
lat pull downs 135x5, 150x5, 180x15
pull ups 5xfailure 27… still shitty, but improving…
bent bb rows 135x10x5
curl bar 35per side x5x4 going to raise to 37.5 next week
incline 30x10x3 got 28
seated calf 135x8x6

weighed in at 203.8

squats 155x5, 180x5, 200x14
leg press 400x3xfail 40 reps
romans 155x5x10
standing calf 90x4x25
didnt have a lot of time so finished this workout in about 45 mins

everything felt good, lower back started to hurt towards rep 12 on squats i think i could have gotten another 3-4 reps in a perfect world.

last 10 days… Im going to try to remember to do this, every 10 days ill recap how i did and see if what im improved in.

gained 9.8 lbs, im sure most of that is rebound weight either way im happy
I failed on my running 3xs a week so far, hopefully this week with my schedule normalizing ill get back into it
Im struggling with eating enough, I can eat like a mad man pre and post workout, but throught the rest of the day I have to remind myself to get more calories in.
My sleep patterns over the past few days have been off, hopefully those with also get back to normal soon.
my est rep max on incline bench went up about 6 lbs
standing mil went up almost 10lbs
overall im pretty happy with that, i know those maxes with flux over time but its still a good feeling knowing youve improved some over a workout.

tomorrow is a day off, school doesnt start until wednesday and im off work so ill be sleeping in.

legs are still a little tender from sunday, i golfed 3 rounds over sun/monday so that probably didnt help. today is bench day should be hitting the gym around 2ish.

Today was ok, shoulders were killing me today so that wasnt sweet.

weighed in at 203.2
incline bench 160x5, 185x3, 205x6
incline db 70x5x10 45 reps
db extensions 75x5x10 48 reps
light flies

tried running got about 5 laps in and cramped up real bad…