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RVD&Sabu Busted

Who thinks they will get fired for this?

I think there’s a good chance they might get fired, but hopefully, it’ll just be a suspension. With their new drug policies, it seems like in this particular situation, they will be made examples of.

They will go nowhere because of the new ECW startup.

[quote]PGA200X wrote:
They will go nowhere because of the new ECW startup.[/quote]

I really hope you are right, because regardless of them getting busted, losing those two permanently will really hurt the new ECW. I hope at best they are just suspended for 60-90 days.

It looks like to me that RVD is gonna drop the title tonight. Probably gonna lose the ecw one too. Its really unfortunate for him. Since he has returned from his injury he has gotten a hell of a push. After he drops the titles he will he and sabu probably will be fired or suspened.

With Kurt Angle taking time off for injury firirng RVD and Sabu could really hurt the already kinda shakey the ECW relaunch.

Wont be surprised if they use the whole thing as part of a storyline!!

Watch the signs held by people in the crowd over the next while for a laugh!!