Ruud Gransier

Hi guys,

I’m new here!

I’m looking forward to reading on all of your topics. I’m currently figuring out how this forum works, so for now i would like to redirect you guys to my Facebook page and youtube channel under ‘Ruud Gransier’

For anyone interested:

Dutch Bench Presser
Occupation: Orthopedic Surgeon resident
Name: Ruud Gransier
Age: 31
Height: 1,93m (6foot something…figured out i’m European yet :slight_smile:
Weight: 285 - 295lbs
Best RAW Bench: 260kg (573lbs) paused bench
Raining Dutch and German National Champion WPF single ply

i hope you enjoy some of my vids!

I just had some new dumbbells of 221lbs made!!! :smiley:

Wow that’s some amazing pressing power! Welcome to the forums. I already know what everyone is going to want to ask so I might as well ask it… what are some of your favorite bench press routines?

I want to have your babies.

Nice. I’d be interested in learning about your training background and history.

Random question:
-favorite dutch food?
(i ask because a few new years ago i was introduced to oliebollen… amazing)

Deadlift and squat? or bench only?

those dumbells are pimp

Hi Guys!

Thnx for your comments!

To answer some of your questions:

Yes, ‘Oliebollen’ is typical Dutch food around New Year. They are big fat lumps of starch fried in oil.

I also do squats and deadlifts, but i specialize in bench pressing. This is because of a serious back injury i had a couple of year’s ago. My Raw deadliest is currently no more than 330kg, which is 728lbs (no belt, no straps).

Because i’m a surgical resident, i work long hours and train about three times a week for 2 hours. I used to train 5 days a week.

I like to start my training with heavy benches, varying in floor presses, incline, flat bench, dumbbell presses etc etc. Followed by one other press exercise. After that i always work my triceps very hard. This also pushes my front delts. I’ll do about 2 to 3 triceps exercises. Gradually lowering the weights and increasing the reps. I finish off with small assistance work like side raises, upright rows and/or chin ups or lat pulls. I vary rear delts and back by the week. This is all done in one bench training.

CHECK OUT some of my vids on my youtube channel, just type Ruud Gransier and you’ll find them all…

Your DL is NO MORE than 728 lb??! crazy!

Do you overhead press?

Thanks for taking the time to post here.

Hi hastalles,

Internationally and competition wise 728lbs is not that great. But thnx for the compliment!

I did my first log lift just this saturday with Alex Moonen who was in the Strongman Champions League last year.

I usually do shoulder presses in the rack on the side bars. They call it a dead press. The bar is pressed from chin height from a dead starting point lying still on the side bars. This is a lot harder than the regular shoulder presses. My raw PB on that exercise is 187.5kg (414lbs)

I did machine presses with alternating arms this satruday, pressing 100kg (221lbs) per arm/shoulder.

I hope this is what you mean…

Jesus! Those are some insane numbers.

Thanks for answering. That answers what I was asking perfectly. :slight_smile:

Cool video too!

we need more of you… yes many more.

What have you done for back work for benching and maintaining shoulder health?

keep the videos coming

@Fletch1986: i do specific bench chin ups. That is, i lie like in a bench position, but in the air with my feet on a box and my back straight by using my core muscles. My hands are placed on the bench bar which is lying in the bench itself. Than i do horizontal chin ups with bodyweight and plates on top off my chest. This is extremely sport specific for the bench press.

I also do vertical chin ups, rear delt work, dumbell rows with those new dumbbells in the video above and so on…

Great job man keep it up! Good luck with your surgery stuff too. I can only imagine the look on the peoples faces when you come in “Hi my names Ruud Ill be doing your surgery today, do you have any questions or concerns for me?” haha

Let me introduce myself (in english)

In 10 years time I want to be like you.
I’m 21, love powerlifting, now in my fourth year medical school (Rotterdam) and I my goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon.

I always wanted to be the strongest doc in Holland, I guess I need to step up my training if I want to make that goal come true :wink:

But its great seeing that there are more people like me in Europe, in Holland even!

The fact that you made a movie trailer about yourself is pretty weird… you’re still awesome though.

@Erasmus: Nice! Maybe we’ll meet at the NOV 2012 or 2013?

@Slothguy: Just got crazy with my new macbook haha! And i wanted to give my videos a little touch, something different…