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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died

There are not enough superlatives to describe this woman’s wisdom, grit and tenacity.

If you disagree, you can kiss my ass…


RIP. A massive, massive loss. I often disagreed with her judicial opinions, but she was without doubt one of a kind. And brilliant. I will sorely miss her presence.


True words A.


While I am sure her death will result in partisan rancour, I think we can all applaud a dedicated jurist who wouldn’t let multiple bouts of cancer take her from her duty.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t a jurisprudential fan, but they don’t come tougher than her.

Cancer is a real SOB.


Damn straight. Honestly, looking at her life story she’s a goddamned American treasure. First ever tenured female prof at Columbia, first in class at Columbia Law in the 50s, Appeals court judge from Carter onward… Diagnosed with cancer 4 fucking times…


Mufasa. Present ass! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness she did have grit and tenacity. Her exercise range of motion was pathetic though, I can’t approve of her short reps.


I’m kissing Mufasa’s ass I guess.

I think her allure was a media creation. Most of the people who will “mourn” the loss to the court couldnt tell you a single case where she wrote the majority opinion or even which president she was appointed by. They know nothing of her legal career and nothing of her constitutional interpretation.

The Justice I who admired most in my life thus far was Scalia. He and Ginsburg were very close even though they were often arguing on opposite sides when the court was split. To me that says something about her character. She was probably a great person and friend and will be missed by those close to her.

I just disagreed with many of her opinions. That’s all.

After you kiss Mufasa’s ass, mine will be next in line.

Not only were her professional accomplishments off the charts, she was a pioneer for women in the field of law. I know both conservative and liberal female lawyers who went to law school because of her.

This is also true of right-wingers who claim their vote in the presidential election is always about “the judges”. And?

RBG was in the minority for most of her career, but she wrote an enormous amount of influential opinions.


No she wasn’t. But it’s not really a big deal. Most cases aren’t 5-4.

Again, probably a good person and earned esteem from her colleagues, but I disagree with the main tenet of her rulings. The constitution is not a living document, it’s dead.

If Republicans can ram someone through before the Election, then why not? Democrats would have done the same. Politics.

Democrats and Republicans aren’t the offense or defense of the same team. They are opponents.

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It was futile on my part. I knew people would have their own narrow view about what RBG did or didn’t do…and would judge her by their own narrow World view. The woman put up with that kind of bullshit her whole Life…so I guess I can too.

Ginsberg argued six landmark cases on gender equality before the U.S. Supreme Court, winning five of them to eliminate legal barriers that held women back in the workplace and civic life. She strategically advanced cases that would establish precedents for treating men and women equally under the law in such areas as jury duty requirements, Social Security (just in case anyone wants to know…she was paramount in the fight to prevent the Government from allowing Social Security to become insolvent)…and military spousal benefits, and even the legal drinking age.

A LOT of people owe a lot to Ginsberg…not just Liberal Women.

So it’s all good.

I have my view on her place in history, and others can have theirs.


Definitely lived an extraordinary life and had a ton of fight in her. Very much on different sides of the aisle, but let’s remember that she peacefully occupied a legitimate seat of power in our government. We (myself included) would do better remembering that.

If even he can keep it classy (I realize the debate over the empty seat will erase this goodwill very quickly) we can too.


Cliff notes of a sort

All indications are that Trump will nominate a Conservative Female to the Court.

I would be surprised if during her hearing she did not recognize Ginsberg’s contribution to her even being in the position to become a Supreme Court Justice…

(But in “Trump World”…I guess anything is possible…)

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But it can be amended?

Of course.

Well, show me you ass so I can kiss it… :kissing:

In seriousness, she’s most certainly an icon. She is a pioneer and stuck to her ideals through thick and thin which is admirable.
I disagree with her on most everything, but I believe she was at least fair.
May she rest in peace and God bless her soul…

Now, the U.S. descends into chaos. Riots, looting, arson, murder. It was finally starting to tamper down and now it’s going to re-explode. The left online keyboard warriors have promised to ‘burn it all down’. If ‘we’ don’t comply, if we don’t ‘resist’ we are legit targets of violence.

I don’t know what the right answer is to replacing her seat, but I believe sooner is better than later.
What ever happens, our institutions have to function under stress or they don’t function at all in reality. So despite all the threats, the only advise I would give the government officials involved in the process is to follow the law to the letter.


Literally the first thing I thought:

Second thing I thought: “Murkowski, Collins, and Romney had better not screw this up.” Luckily, it seems someone else would have to go along with them to screw it up. And so far, Romney has been holding back.


You too?

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All indications are that Trump will nominate a Conservative Female to the Court.

I would be surprised if during her hearing she did not recognize Ginsberg’s contribution to her even being in a position to become a Supreme Court Justice…