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RustyJoe's 5/3/1



172 lbs.
BF: unknown, likely 13-14%

Lifts based on 90% of original max:

Bench - 230
Squat - 285
Deadlift - 250
Military Press - 120

I plan on lifting 4 days a week, with wednesday, saturday, and sunday being my days off. To help not gain too much fat, I'll be jogging/running 3x a week, and ride my bike 2 of my days off for 30-40 minutes. My primary goal is to gain size and strength and reaching a bodyweight of 200 lbs. As for now, I'll post my workout tomorrow.


BB Bench- 3x5, 150 lbs; 175 lbs; 195 lbs(8 reps)
BB Bench- 5x10 using 90 lbs.
DB Rows- 5x10

I’m doing the “Boring, but big” Assistant exercises along with my main lift. I feel like I should add an extra exercise in, like tricep extension or dips. any inputs?


Off to go for a 30-45 minute run!