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Russians: Insane Lunatics or Fun Loving People?


I say,does it matter? They know how to live life to the fullest.


F all of that.


That second vid gets a nod for insane.


I'll admit that first one made me feel pretty scared. OK, really scared. I think I've had nightmares like that.

But still, don't risk your life for nothing like that. You do it for honor, love or lots of money, but not so your buddies will say "Woooo YEAH!!!" when you're done.


Fuck Russians and their stupid country.


One word:



^ That's two words.


Sorry, you're right...it's just that that's the usual line that follows "One word..____" in the movies. I've seen too many movies.


Must be spetznaz training.


Insane lunatics and fun loving people.


That first video reminds me of a less elegant assassins creed


there is a vid somewhere of some guy doing pull ups off a crane...

I even felt nervous just watching that...


Someone called ?


Haha, love the ending of the last vid, "Get up - lets go!"


I used to work with a cool ass Russian dude, after months of him telling me we should party together I finally accepted and went to this club in Brooklyn. That's where I learned that:

  1. Russians do not mix their vodka, all they do is take shots of it.
  2. Russians have iron clad stomachs.
  3. Russian chicks are fine as hell, but have the disposition of a Klingon, They love manly straight forward men. Any hint of weakness is unacceptable.
  4. After drinking about 20+ shots of vodka you will vomit so hard that you will pop a blood vessel in your eyeball.

So I'm gonna go with Drunk Insane Lunatics. That love to party.


I have no doubt in my mind that we would lose a ground war against them. I just want to know,how are they so fearless? Obviously,these videos were shot by different groups of people but they all take such dangerous risk.

1st Video;Absoltely terrifying. Every time I view it my palms get sweaty.
2nd video;Not as bad as the 2nd video. Hell,I might even want to try it.
3rd Video;Same as 2nd.
4th Video;No freakin way. 180 lb guy vs a 8,000 ton hulk off steel racing towards you,who do you think will win?


Darwin at a higher level. You never see the ones that die.


Me and a friend were at a festival once, and got a hold of a bottle of Absolut.

So, being drunk already, decided to wander from tent to tent and go shot for shot with anyone we met.

Then came along a Russian girl, and - on my life - she downed about 1/4 of the bottle, handed it back to us and with a straight face said, "Now your turn."

It turned out to be a bad idea for us.


Just because someone has bigger balls than you. Doesn't mean they're insane.


Seriously,nobody would like to try at least the 2nd and 3rd video? Those look relatively okay compared to the other 2.