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Russian Weightlifting Belts

Recently my coaches Oleg Kechko and Tracy Steinberg started up a business with Leonid Taranenko to start producing the old school Soviet style weightlifting belts from the 80’s and I thought I’d put it out there for anyone interested to check out. These belts are really nice.

The LT266 Belt (like the older Russian belts) are made with a thick strip of leather on the inside (to prevent from breakage) and thin layers on the the outside to absorb sweat and form to the body. These belts are forever, end of discussion. They simply will not break!

The cool thing about these belts is that they are so strong and yet so supple and soft!

You can check them out on http://www.lt266.com

It would be even cooler if they made those old-school Bulgarian belts with the buckle on the side.

these belts are awesome, i have an authentic one from the 80s which i bought off of an older lifter who was not longer training hard. Its white and is almost exactly the same as the one on the site, fits great and looks pimp.

still has some crilic writing left on the inside :wink: