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Russian Subs Off Jersey? Watch Out, Irish!


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two nuclear-powered Russian attack submarines have been patrolling off the Eastern seaboard of the United States in recent days in a rare mission that has raised concerns inside the Pentagon, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.
While the submarines had not taken any provocative action beyond their presence outside U.S. territorial waters, officials expressed wariness over Russia's motivation for ordering such an unusual mission, the newspaper said.

"Any time the Russian Navy does something so out of the ordinary it is cause for worry," a senior Defense Department official who has been monitoring reports on the submarines' activities told the newspaper."


And Obama wants to dramatically cut Defense, so he can spend it on all his bs. Well, hello!
Social programs don't work if yer dead!


They're doing it because they know he's a pussy and will strongly say that they should not do it. He is not feared or respected.


Considering the Russian defense budget is less than 1/12th of ours, I think we will be fine. Wasting money on defense equipment we don't need is just as wasteful as spending it on social programs. $680 billion is a ludicrous amount of money to be spending on the DoD considering no one can expect to survive a conventional war with us. That money could be much better spent on things that actually contribute to the security of the nation.


Yea... his BS like healthcare... getting people in the US healthy instead of trying to kill those outside of it. What a crook.

F'n lunatic.


His plan won't get people healthy, believe me. It will cover people and then won't cover care. It always happens. There is a huge difference between health insurance and health care. Reforming things wrongly will hurt care for everyone, reforming it correctly will help more people.

People can also try this amazing thing called caring for themselves. It will surely reduce health care expenses for the sample size of them.

Instead of this BS stimulus package or this bogus health care reform, we should be shoring up or country and protecting the infrastucture from an EMP attack. A fe strategic nuke attacks will take out all power in the country. They could be launched from a floating platform, ie, a sub btw.

2-3 detonated above the east coast will wipe out the entire east coast power grid, destroy most cars, hospital equipment other than say scalpels. We'll be starving very quickly and descend into the dark ages in say a few days. Some estimates involve 90% population loss in one year.

Imagine that scenario. They destroy the country with a few nukes over the east and west coast. We have at least a chance to stop a missile form a distance, but from the east coast, probably not.

Call me a nervous nellie, but if you don't believe me, check into this weaponry.

But we need to spend money on bullshit instead.


You're a nervous nellie.


so what? what's a Russian attack sub gonna do, sink one of our Boomers? or sink a merchant vessel? and you have a USNA avatar! I thought you'd know better.

btw, tom63, attack subs have torpedoes only, and SLBMs can be launched from much farther away (ie Arctic Circle). don't fear the bomb, embrace the bomb!


Uh, did you see what the OP linked? Russian attack subs off our coast... I dont think what tom wrote is that outlandish.


This isn't anything new. My father was a navy radar airman and they spotted a few russian subs off the east coast as well. Considering we have a navy that does the same thing to other countries, it's not a big deal.


Russia is and will be in an escalating mode of showing force and strength. This we can count on.

We are now talking about DOUBLING our forces in Afganistan.


Tin foil hat time, boys...


Conspiracies are secret - this isn't a secret, it is fairly obvious. Or should be.


Does an EMP destroy electronics or temporarily render them inoperative?



I don't think Russia is playing around close to our waters because they have an interest in attacking the US - I think they want to bird dog our commander-in-chief's response for a sense of how he would when Russia got interested in other strategic areas (Caucusus, etc.).

I suspect we can expect a strongly worded apology from the White House soon.


He could just give them Jersey. Why fight over it. It costs more to keep it why not just give it to the Russians. Now Georgia...that was a state worth fighting them over :slight_smile:


we know there location, easier to kill them if we have to, besides those subs are attack subs, I would be more worried if those where missiles subs. The Russians like to play mind games, but they are not stupid


Damn it, Hedo. You said this before me.

Why can't we just pay the Russians to wipe New Jersey off the map? No offense, FI.


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Was he stationed in Brunswick or Jacksonville?

Funny timing.

The decision was made in the past couple years to close down Brunswick Naval Airstation (here in Maine)-- the ONLY air station with anti-submarine patrol squadron (VP-26) in the Northeast. They've already moved a lot out of there.

I mean, no need to patrol for Russian subs anymore, right?


Have Hillary row out to them in a duck boat, see how quick they turn tail and run.