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Russian Strength-Skill Training


This is kind of a stupid question and I might be over thinking this but stay with me I’m new to this
So the idea is to do submaximal training at low reps but I confused on the rep ranges. It gives six rep ranges for six workouts that take place on Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday.
So do you do as an an example
Monday: squats 5x1 85% 1x3 75%
Tuesday: bench press 5x1 85% 1x3 75%
Thursday: squats 6x1 85% 1x3 75%
Friday: squats 6x1 85% 1x3 75%
Saturday: labor day
So do I repeat the rep ranges in this pattern until I get to 10x1 and the start back at 5x1 and 1x3 and go up 5-15lbs so theoretically I go up 5-15lbs ever 3 weeks since you do two rep ranges per week? If so how is this supposed be an 40min long workout unless I take long rests. Basically I just need someone to explain the rep ranges and how often they should change.

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How Long Does the RSS Workout Typically Last?

I’m confused on the rep ranges on this workout
so where it says:
Workout 1: 5 x 1 (85%), 1 X 3 (75%)
Workout 2: 6 x 1 (85%), 1 x 3 (75%)
Workout 3: 7 x 1 (85%), 1 x 3 (75%)
Workout 4: 8 x 1 (85%), 1 x 3 (75%)
Workout 5: 9 x 1 (85%), 1 x 3 (75%)
Workout 6: 10 x 1 (85%)

do the workout numbers refer to when you hit each group (i.e. Monday 5 x 1 (85%), 1 X 3 (75%) and thursday 6 x 1 (85%), 1 x 3 (75%) on the same exercises?
Monday: Group 1
Tuesday: Group 2
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Group 1
Friday: Group 2
Saturday: Manual labor workout (explained below)
Sunday: OFF

I mean its only 8 total reps at submaximal weights and then partial lifts so how long is this work out supposed to last. the article says that manual labor workouts can last anywhere from 45-60mins but what about every other day?


Just read about the RSS workout how long does a typical non manual-labor day work out typically last. I don’t see how 5x1+1x3 on two workouts can last very long.
Also side questions should I throw in pullups for hypertrophy at the end and if so what rep ranges I was thing 4x10


First, I really don’t appreciate reposting the question. This is a lack of respect. As if to say that I didn’t answer you fast enough. Dude, it was the weekend. I’m not always stuck in front of my computer on the weekends, especially since this is when I normally give my seminars.

I’m all for helping people out and I don’t ask anything in return. The only thing I would appreciate is a little respect.

You will understand that the fact of reposting your question doesn’t put me in a good mindset to answer your question.

The things I will say is:

  1. Who cares how long the workout last? The important thing is the job you do, not the time spent in a building called the gym.

  2. You can do whatever you want with a program. There is no obligation to do anything, it’s your life.


Sorry about that I thought the other questions just had bad wording I’ve honestly never posted here before


I took this for being like other forums where other people responded I didn’t realize it was all you and I greatly respect that sorry for being an asshole

I’ve never posted here before


This is a forum for other people to chime in but your questions made no sense. I read them but had no reply.