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Russian Strength Skill Questions


I posted a question in a two year old topic

so not sure if it will be seen or not. Thought id post the question as a new topic just incase…
What would the ‘1x3’ portion of the workout change to when using triples for the first part or the 5x1, 6x1 etc portion?
Also would it be okay to pair group 1 and 2 together. Eg Mon/Thur: Squat+Bench. Tues/Fri: Deadlift+Pushpress. Thanks.


Honestly I would suggest doing the program as is written. I have not used it any other way and any recommendation would only be theoretical. With a program like that, which plays on the edge of neural fatigue, I would be really careful to play with the variables


Thanks for taking the time to reply. Very much appreciated!
You said ‘The same approach can be done with triples starting at 75% instead of 85% and following the same progression’ in reply to the person who first asked about the triples. Has your stance changed on this? Any program you could recommend thats similar to RSS in movement choice but leaning more towards 3’s and 5’s in reps. Thanks again for your time.


No it hasn’t but I wouldn’t change anything else


Ok cool, thanks again for your time.