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Russian Strength Skill Program

Hello :slight_smile:

First of thanks for the amazing article. :slight_smile: I have some questions and I will be glad to hear your opinion. At the moment i am training my whole body 1 day i and 1 rest day. I want to keep it this way because at the moment my training time is limited. Soo to get on my questions.

  1. Can I do groups 1 and 2 in 1 training session. If I can which template should I follow? The one in the article? What is the resting period between the exercises?

  2. Can i do them in super set? If yes i prefer it this way. What about the rest?

  3. If I can train 1 day and rest 1 day what happens with the manual-labor day? If I do 4 normal training days can i do 1 manual-labor workout?

Thank you!