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Russian Strength Skill Movements


Coach Thib

I have been following your RSS workouts for 6 weeks. I have enjoyed the program and feel the weights getting easier each progression! Though I have yet to test maxes, I feel my strength improving! I am about to start a new 3 week cycle which would end a nine week routine of continous exercises. I wish to continue doing RSS to gain strenght for at least another 9 weeks, following the end of my next cycle.

I have workedregular deadlifts, squats, floor press, and strict press as main movement and am thinking of rotating movements. I plan to compete in powerlifting eventually and want to strengthen my weak points, which all are at the bottom/hole/chest of each.What exercises can I incorporate as main movements to continue progress? Would Snatch grip dead,box squats, and pause benches work well in this program? And if so how long should one use these movements before recycling new ones in?


This programme has a part near the end where you choose your lifts depending on weaknesses. It’s another awesome CT programme, so I would choose from these lifts. I did Russian strength skill for 12 weeks, and have now switched to this programme. Like yourself I found my weak links were holding me back, and this programme allows you to attack them.


Awww yes thanks Masfonos

Have you tried this program yet? I have the RSS program then 5/3/1 to go through but I was thinking of giving this program a try in the future. And yes the weak point exercise section is very helpful but I am also wondering how long one would incorporate them into RSS away from the main moves. it seems in BTS the main moves are still test regularly but the cycles are more continuous, meaning main movements are changed every phase.

In RSS, Thibs advocates using the movements for long periods. So I am wondering if during RSS, if it’s beneficial to stray form the main movements to do these alt movements (snatch grip deads, box squats) for week/months? Are they good for a full 9 week cycle or better for a single 3 week mesocycle? Thanks for the response! Good luck with BTS. It seems incredibly brutal but could yield great results I think!


I am 9 weeks into BTS and loving it. Working on my weak points has allowed me to keep progressing strengthwise as I felt like I was close to stalling out during RSS. I prefer the higher frequency of CT’s programmes compared to 531 which I did on/off for 2 or so years. As for the other questions, hopefully CT will answer them for you


I also do prefer higher frequency but there’s a quote that says the best training program is the one you’re not doing. 5/3/1 has worked well for those who have followed JW’s advice, instead of starting too heavy or manipulating the program. And I think after doing High frequency like russian strength, it will be a good switch to reamp my body into a more specialized program i.e. one focus lift a day instead of 2. However, after a good long run with 5/3/1, I may return to do BSS training to change it out again but I’m looking to do 5/3/1 for at least half a year. Plus I think in the book, Jim will expand on several programs based off 5/3/1 for continuous gains. Good luck with BST! Hope it yields excellent results for you! Now I must go read starting strength!