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Russian Strength Skill for Type 1a

Pretty sure im a type 1a. Love low rep heavy lifting. Was a sprinter and football player in the past. Love MMA as well. Absolutely hate high reps and long workouts…So Boring! I’m revisiting Russian strength skill and i’m loving it! Feel great after the workouts and seem to be more toned at all times. Would this be appropriate for type 1a? Also can u build any appreciable muscle on this routine? i know its fairly low volume but i cant stick to any higher volume programs due to boredom.

Yes it can be appropriate for 1A because of:

  • The low reps
  • The low(ish) volume
  • The focus on big compound lifts
  • The high frequency
  • The low level of adrenaline produced during the workout (won’t deplete their dopamite)

The only suboptimal thing for a 1A is the lack of “challenge”. You don’t beat records of “beat the workout” so it might feel unsatisfying after a while. But other than that it will work. You could do it for 6 weeks, then 3 weeks where you go heavier (test yourself)then back to strength-skill.

As for muscle mass, it is mostly a strength approach but 1As can build a bit of mass on it.

Thx Coach. Makes perfect sense. I’m loving it but already miss ramping up to 2 or 3 rep max sometimes. My lifts are as follows:
A1 Clean and press/ push press 160lbs
A2 Chins 45lbs added alternating with Bent row 225lbs. Basically doing chins or rows tween pushing exercises and going for 6-10 sets of 2-3 reps
B 30 incline Bench press 205lbs
My pressing is much weaker than my pulling at this time. I have very long arms for a 5’ 10 guy

Day 2
Zercher squats 250lbs
Deadlifts 350lbs
Im 5’10 185lbs and 48 years old.
Love your neurotype work! Finally feel like i found right style of lifting for myself after all these years.

Ughh, yes it’s been two weeks and i’m bored with the straight sets and no variety! Sounds typical of type 1A. Hell, usually after two or three days i’m looking for a new program. Think i’m gonna try your program from The Neuro Type Workouts. My question though is, how do u progress when constantly changing programs? I feel like im spinning my wheels sometimes! Also, I do like sticking to the basics. Think i’ve ruled out most isolation exercises from my life lol. These are my favorite:
Back squats, zercher squats, DB squat jumps, sprints, sled work
Deadlift, Trap bar deadlift, romanian deadlift, farmers walks
Chins and pull ups with various grips, Bent rows, T bar rows, seated rows
30 degree incline bench press and 30 degree Incline DB bench press, heavy Dips
High pulls, clean and presses , push presses
If i train arms at all: Barbell curls, close grip bench, CG chins
My calves arent great but i get bored to tears with calf raises and they seem the same size whether i work them are not. Finally, unilateral leg work other than maybe high step ups bore me to tears as well .