Russian Strength Skill 4 Day/Week?

CT - Can you recommend how to set up the RSS program lifting 4 days per week?

I thought of simply rotating through days 1-5 over a 4 day split, but it wouldn’t be optimal for my work schedule - I try to do all lower body lifting on Mon and Fri when my legs can be fresh. Thank you.

I would wait for CT’s response but all I can tell you is what I did in similar circumstances. I work for a farm during summer and go to school in winter and as such often have an inconsistent and crammed schedule so for two months I did the RSS program simply working out on the days that I could. Sometimes it was 3 days a week, sometimes 6, mostly it was 4 though. I didn’t do the manual labor workouts, they didn’t sit well with me. I just did Squat/push press on one day, and deadlift/high pull on the next day. At the end of those two months is when I set my all-time PRs. I gained 10-15% on all 3 main lifts over those two months (intermediate level perhaps at BW of 210, squat went from ~1.8-2.2x BW, deadlift from 2.1-2.5x BW, bench from ~1.3-1.6x BW)

It was, as advertised, strictly a skill thing. I gained no mass (I wasn’t paying much attention to my diet), in fact I weighed on the lighter side of my norm for the past two years. But the lifts were FUN, I felt solid, totally in control.

Anyway, I will definitely do this again. I’m about to start 915 where I will hammer out some weak points, then I will spend a few weeks building some mass, then a couple months doing RSS again for neural/skill adaptation and see what kind of numbers I put up.