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Russian Squat Routine


wondering if anybody has tried this routine...or to people that havent what you think of it..

A friend of mine has done this program with success
he added 15kg to his squat max and he was already pretty strong(already had a 2xBW squat)..15kg seems good for 6 weeks..he told me it very tiring cant do much more than squat..he done some jumping as part of warm up..3 inch increase in vert in 6 weeks..


Your friend is right about not being able to do much else- my technique work for oly lifts took backseat while I was on this routine. It was well worth it though since I ended up adding 10-15kg on my squat. I would definitely recommend eating a lot more calories than you're used to and put extra emphasis on recovery efforts (ex sufficient sleep, foam rolling, etc.)


what was your squat at..what BW..did your oly lifts incease


I went from ~190kg to ~200kg @ 86kg BW. My lifts didn't increase at first which was frustrating but I remembered that I really hadn't worked on technique intensely during those weeks of the routine. I also was testing my lifts a week after finishing the routine which was another mistake; my body wasn't fully recovered yet. Eventually the extra strength carried over so the hard work paid off.


10kg in 6 weeks is very good especially considering you had a very good squat before the program..i may try this in a few weeks..


For the Russian Squat routine would you base this off of your true max or would it be more wise to tone it down say 5% like the smolov squat cycle?