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Russian Squat Program

I just started the russian squat program as outlined in Testosterone Mag. After the 1st day (light day) of 4 work sets of 6 at 75% Of RM I’m so damned sore I can’t squat or get up without massive profanities. The heavy day is coming up day after tomorrow. (Scream)! Iam in shape hold state, national records etc. Question - should I back off on the number of reps in the work sets or spread the workouts out?? Oh yes, I’m 65 years old.

dude! ain’t got answers for you. Just wanted to say Kudos to you for keeping up the work at your age. Hope I’ll be able to do the same.

Dave, I’d simply reduce your frequency…add some extra days between workouts. Should work like a charm…

I was wondering how you determined your max…hopefully you didn’t use one of your previous state records!! I always tend to err on the side of caution when doing these types of programs using a set percentage of max. My advice is to do another light day (a REAL light day this time) instead of the first heavy workout. You should be a lot less sore than you are right now and should be able to ease into the program. Also, you may want to re-evaluate your max. I hope that helps out, although I’m always quite cautious about recommending anything to someone who has an impressive resume. Good Luck!