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Russian Spiderman Video


Anyone here seen this video of a Russian kid climbing on stuff like Spiderman? He is like a Soviet version of Jackie Chan. He goes crazy all over the city jumping over rooftops, cars, everything. The beginning is slow, but jump about a minute in and it gets insane.



A lot of it is basic gymnastics stuff, but the parts where they jump out of buildings and scale walls is pretty insane. Their legs must be pretty well conditioned to absorb a lot of those impacts.


I think this has been posted before, but no less impressive.

Just imagine how much it would suck missing a landing off one of those buildings, not to mention all the roadrash he'd have doing it shirtless.


I like when the dog was chasing him.

"It's ya ass, Mr. Postman!"


Poetry in motion, I love that video


That activity is called Le Parkour. You can find all sorts of videos online:



Clearly he was a big buff bodybuilder, because relative strength is a myth.


See, you look at that video and think "relative strength", because you are tiny.

I look at the video and know "neural conditioning", particularly because I've done parkour in the past. The number one lesson taken away was: If you (and your body) believes it can do it, then you can.

Strength is not the limiting factor here.


haha, moded:)


That video was amazing thanks for posting. I'd try one jump and prolly blow both my ankles.


Just..... Believe kailesh! Then you can do ANYTHING.

You are seriously misunderstanding having the boyd believe you can do something and being able.

People on drugs can believe they can fly.. can they?

People on drugs might believe they could bench 3000 pounds..
can they?

You've watched matrix or star wars or something a bit too much.