Russian Military Buildup Outside Ukraine

I haven’t been worried about that since the Reagan years. There was really only a brief period in my life that I was cognizant of the possibility of MAD before the fall of the USSR.

So, like 1980-'87 or so. And past the age of 12 if it didn’t involve titties & weed, I just didn’t care.


I don’t disagree with this, but you need to get your own house in order first before helping others.

Our house is literally on fire and covered in shit while our citizens are being shit on left and right. And we are being invaded wholesale by illegal immigrants (mostly grown ass males).

This is not about freedom or the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness any more than invading Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. was. That is a bullshit trope to justify expanding our ever-increasing military industrial complex to line the pockets of the corrupt and connected under the guise of “freedom” and beating the big bad boogey man.

We are $32 TRILLION+ in debt and growing, inflation is running rampant, US citizens are struggling.

Forgive me, if I don’t give a flying fuck about Ukraine or put it wayyy down the list beneath Americans’ needs.

Any anger that comes through from you reading this is not aimed at you. It is aimed at our shitty government and corrupt oligarchy.


Outside of their nuclear capability, I don’t think Russia has been a threat to the US in a longgggg time.

And was not poised to be even before Ukraine any time soon like in the next 30 years or more.

Their struggling with Ukraine makes this very clear.

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I think anti-war critics are exaggerating (or overestimating) the effect that the money spent in Ukraine could have had if it was used in the US. $75 billion dollars is only $250 when split 300 million ways. It doesn’t even cover a month’s rent for the average American. And that’s assuming that we could somehow liquidate and get full price for a bunch of military equipment that was designed specifically for this type of war.

Our financial woes are not heavily affected by the weapons we are sending to Ukraine. Even the $75 billion number is an exaggeration when you consider that it was spent buying weapons mostly from American companies and will likely pay dividends in security savings in the future. There just isn’t a strong economic argument that we shouldn’t be spending this money for the sake of the money.

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The only threat to the U.S. is the U.S, and it is being destroyed


The classic come back to Americans bitching about any given expenditure of taxpayer money is “Do you want your nickel back?”

Yes, I do. There are many, many nickels I would prefer to have kept.


Bruh, do you even clothe yourself in the Ukrainian flag?

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75 billion goes a long way in other things like infrastructure.

Again, when you are broke and $32 TRILLION+ in debt and growing - every dollar matters.

This is real money and tax payer debt. This is not Monopoly money.

And if $75 billion is so insignificant - why can’t somebody else provide it? The US tax payer isn’t the world freebie bank.

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Total bilateral aid to Ukraine by country & type 2023 | Statista

Europe has collectively sent more aid to Ukraine than the US. The US has a significantly larger total economy than Europe combined. We aren’t the only ones sending aid.

I’m not saying that $75 billion isn’t a lot of money. I’m saying that it’s money well spent in the long term. We spend nearly $900 billion a year on defense. $75 billion over a few years has a major positive impact on US security. It will save money in the long run.

Man, I hate to hurl an accusation like this at someone over the internet, but it doesn’t even sound like you think about Zelensky while making love. Unacceptable.

Ukrainian TDF elected this person as a spokesman based on some nudge nudge wink wink suggestions from 'Murica and apparently with a lot of misgivings.But hey, DC types know where priorities lay.

It turns out that the person (he?/she?/they? I don’t know any of that pronoun stuff) is really craaaazy (I would say surprise surprise but that would probably be transphobic), said some crazy stuff and more importantly did a reprehensible thing - livestramed a video immediately after a Russian strike with a (unblurred) dead child in the background. Great for her(?) engagement, but not great for the girl’s relatives.

Apparently, now the Ukrainians are cursing under their breath and trying to find a way to remove the person in question without offending the 'Muricans

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Don’t care what europe sent ukraine in aide


You’re a Putin-plant, aren’t you? Give it up. I know.

Was that a parody? What the hell is it?

I like short girls. Just not ones with beards.

Bigotry, I know.

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How is this going to have a positive impact on US security?

Is Russia competent / a threat or not? You can’t say they suck and can’t do anything and can’t even beat the Ukraine and then turn around and say they are a threat to US security.

Russia has not been a threat to US security since the Cold War. Well maybe to democrats they are these days with fake dossiers.


Man, this Jew-hater code language almost went over my head. I know Putin doesn’t have a beard and you love him.


I hate Jews so much - I married one.

Look, if Zelensky can come over here and best me on the mats - even I will donate to his cause.

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This not-so-subtle demand for physical contact with Zelensky has me starting to believe you’re not the Putin stooge I had you pegged as. I apologize.