Russian Military Buildup Outside Ukraine

You must not know any Ukrainians. And what does reunite mean? They were never united. It was an arranged marriage by Russian commie mass murderers.

Is it? Even the Russian war analysits and war bloggers agree with that. The Russian propaganda that gets to you is another story.

Ukraine will be accepted in EU and NATO. They will guard EU from future Russian invasions. Ukraine and Poland would have probably the strongest armies in the world for the next couple of decades.

I think you vastly over estimate Russia. USA can easily make a desant to Kremlin and kill Putin. Actually the best and most peaceful quick solution to the war would be that. Unfortunately its not a long term solution, because it will unite the brain washed Ruskies and they will sooner or later elect anothrr Putin and will start a politic of revanshizm and war. The key here is for Russia and Russian to lose the war in the hard way so they can learn trough loss and hunger that they are not a great nation or a country and start reforming to a normal democratic country. The only way is to get the root of tsarism out of the regular Russian. And that will come only if Ukraine crash them and join EU and NATO while Russia lives in poverty and international isolation, while their brain power imigrates.

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I’d rather that than underestimate.

I agree though, that it should be a Ukranian victory. It needs to be, and for the reasons you stated.

Russia is just a shitty neighbor and europe needs a couple of border countries that are willing beat the holy hell out of them. :+1:

I wouldn’t mind seeing China join up with Russia economically and just bleed them dry. Nothing like two zero-sum players wrangling to screw each other.

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The western fringes of the accursed Balkans. East enough for Western Europeans to barely deign to have a stilted conversation about tourism and soccer, west enough to make fun out of Bulgarians for example

Honestly, the bill will be further reduced by what are shaping to be ludicrous arms sales as apparently whatever the US donates to Ukraine (20 HIMARS for example) the Poles are “we’ll buy twenty times as much”

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I think that the term “air superiority” needs to be reexamined and understood differently as technology changes how war is waged.

Lack of air superiority is why this conflict resembles World War I. It is trench warfare on the plains of Europe all over again, where gains in ground come at a terrible price.

Air superiority is how the USA was able to roll the Iraqi Army up and smoke them decisively in 1991, when they had months to prepare defenses and fielded much of the same equipment as Russia does today, but with a more experienced army with many veterans of the Iran/Iraq war.

Air superiority is what has allowed modern combined arms mechanized warfare to decisively overcome static defenses for roughly 90 years.

Air superiority was, is and will continue to be a very big deal in warfare.

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This and controlling the electronic/RF in the battlefield (jammers, signal disruption, etc…)


Yes they go hand in hand. NGAD is going to be a leap forward in sophistication of electronic warfare, which is already mind-boggling.

It’s why we spend more on aircraft than any other type of weapons platform.

It’s why we have the world’s largest Air Force by far.

It’s why we also have the world’s second largest Air Force in the US Navy.

Oh, and our Navy has it’s own Army, and even it has an Air Force that’s stronger than most NATO members’.


now that is an angle I’d happily listen to!

If you don’t have air, you are relegated to hiding like rats and / or just being obliterated.

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That’s why I keep pestering the pro-war people for some straightforward answers about where they see the future of this conflict going. So far only one person has articulated a strategic goal for the USA, which happens to be the strategic goal of Ukraine. I don’t see a path to pushing the Russians out of Ukraine, even with unlimited material support and sending hundreds of billions more to one of the most corrupt governments in Europe with no accountability or oversight.

Ukraine will not suddenly generate a professional army that can conduct decisive combined arms mechanized warfare against Russia, let alone generate an air force that can achieve air superiority against Russia. I just don’t see it, but if someone else does, feel free to explain.

I’ll try one more time.

What is the goal?

How can it be achieved?

At what cost?



I have explained. You dont read. You dont understand what is happening. Ukraine will take Zaporozhie before or at the winter. If it is before they will take Crimea as well.

Russian defence line was bridged in that region. Ukraine is currently actually working the Crimea bases and the ships protecting it. Zaporozhie is at the moment a meat grinder and Ukrainian army is waiting for Russians reserve movement.

How many wars do we need to understand you dont win wars with air. You win battles for sure, but you need an actual army on the ground and as Syrians proved under the ground. There was an interesting case there in which the Turkish army took a town with 5000 tanks and lost it overnight from an infantry assault who digged tunnels to the city


Make Russia suffer. This can be another Afghanistan for them. Weaken Putin, teach the Russians a lesson from Dirty Harry, a man’s got to know his limitations.

What would Reagan have done? You mentioned Churchill before. You do know what he said about the Russians?