Russian Military Buildup Outside Ukraine

Vladivostok is a good bet, considering China would like to have something from Russia. I would not underestimate Chechens and Tatars. I would not exclude someone neihbouring Russia attacking is as well. Azers, Georgians and Khazaks may have some apetite.

As an European I wonder what happens in Belarus as well. Since Russia is weak can we see some uprising again? I kinda hope Poland plays badass with Belarus. Duda has been awesome lately.

Chechens only after Kadyrov dies or if brib… I mean “subsidies” from Moscow dry up.

Tatars showed their cards in 1992 and there was is a thirty-year long effort to suppress their identity. Again, massive number of younger males getting killed off in Ukraine helps the suppression efforts.

The shitstorm will be started by ethnic Russians. Contrary to popular opinion, revolutions occur when part of the elite (or wannabe elites) sees more advantage in dismantling the system than participating in it.

Honestly, I don’t think so.

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Any updates on the artemovsk flanks and on the new belgorod free republic (loppsy or anyone else)?

More western propaganda:

Mach 12, in your face:

air-launched ballistic missiles are not new technology.

The GAM-87 “Skybolt” air-launched ballistic missile was developed by the United States in the late 1950s, and hit top speeds of Mach 12, well in excess of the speeds the Kinzhal can reach. However, the project was ultimately canceled in 1962, when U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara assessed that the system provided very little benefit over the United States’ existing arsenal of land- and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.



Honestly, besides tea and window falls the only semi-competent thing the Russians can do is run female agents. I guess kudos for pulling the fat one to Moscow after she got burned?

Why is this world so wierd?

Most people get their stupid decisions out of the way when they’re young.

Not Yertle though. He waits until he’s 70 and literally has all of the money in the world.

And when did bridge become something to be known internationally for?