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Russian Influence in the Trump Administration


You are not honoring the bet welsher


How exactly am I not honoring the bet? Be specific.


You also called the bet with all three people off–and you know you did. You asked them to continued contributing. You can’t welsh on a bet that was called off.

In any case I saw the original 300 words. While it may not be what YOU had in mind…technically he wrote them.


What I love most about your posts is that they are very consistent…consistently wrong. Called the bet off with TWO of the Three.

But you keep taking cheap shots any chance you get it’s what you do best.



Okay, but why would I need you to have called anything off? I’ve done what was demanded of me (in fact, assuming a fair rate of exchange between words owed and months spent in voluntary exile, I’ve done it twice).

You keep declining to explain this extended pout with more detail than a small child might muster in his own indignant defense when he feels he’s been cheated. You made a stupid bet – I told you at the time that it was stupid – and now you’re predictably unsatisfied with the results. Okay, but why are you whining about it like it’s somebody else’s problem? And if you are going to decline as a rule to explain specifically what you’re whining about, will you at least do it in a less juvenile way?


Spoken like the true welsher that you are.


I gave you the opportunity, @zeb1, to show specifically how I’m a “welsher” 22 hours ago. For the third time in a row, you declined. Do you expect anyone to believe that your refusal to quit gibbering and say your piece like an adult has to do with anything other than dishonesty?


LOL, the irony…the welsher calls me dishonest.


I wrote a >300-word essay about what a good poster you are. In fact I went further and wrote also about what a good person you are. That you know I don’t mean any of it (because you’re a dishonest shitbag with room-temp IQ and enough pitiable, sniveling duplicitousness to run two accounts here for years) is a tragedy you ought to have considered before badgering me into involving myself in this effeminate Real-Housewives PRAISE ME PRAISE ME wager.

So: I wrote you your love letter. That was my debt to you. You’re now lying by saying otherwise. I keep giving you the opportunity to explain this juvenile tantrum, and you keep flatly refusing to do so. It is lost on nobody that you are declining as a rule to explicitly cite the provision of the bet I’ve contravened for the simple reason that no such citation exists.


The guilty talk on and on, the welsher has no conscience.


Back on topic

If I were a wise dictator er, Russian leader, I would do a couple of things that I see - park a ship in international waters, near a US sub base, mock attack a USN ship, turn off the compliments in the propaganda rags, while saying relations with Trump don’t look like they are going to happen after all.

If your stooge is going to be brought down, you wouldn’t want that. And if he isn’t actually your stooge, but is beneficial to getting everyone’s mind off of your military hardware testing, territory incursions, and ally building with clients to build your other huge export (weapons), then the goals are still being achieved.

I think Putin is smarter than given credit.


Putin is objectively fucking brilliant. Total monster, and should be buried face down, but brilliant af.


And he’s playing a weak hand marvelously.

Take the Russian intervention in Syria.

US and Allies fly thousands of sorties against ISIS, Russians launch a couple of dozen against JaN and FSA from that old Soviet wreck called the Admiral Kuznetsov before the launching catapult breaks down, two planes are lost and sorties have to be flown from Syrian airbases.

And Russia, despite fielding several orders of magnitude smaller forces are now the decisive factor in Syria. Not to mention they didn’t even have enough ground forces and had to shuttle them back and forth between Syria and eastern Ukraine.

Military dominance on the cheap. Amazing when you think about it.


I don’t share your opinion in his utter brilliance. However, he is VERY versed in real politik and real world manipulation, and these are two things the current and last 2 presidents sucked something awful at. So yes, in those comparisons very brilliant.

I will say I’d hate to play poker against him lol. And loppar is correct–he has played a weak hand masterfully. We practically begged him to take the lead. He is short stack at the table but playing extremely well and looking to move up several spots.


Hey, remember the time when you got caught posting with two different accounts, then lied about that, and only copped to it when beloved forum director Chris Colucci pasted screenshots of your posts where you literally talked to yourself between two different accounts?


Is there a snowball’s chance in hell of me being able this stuff?!

A conversation between 2 Zebs sounds intense. Do you think they’d argue about exactly HOW BIG of a game this all is?!?!


oh it was good. Should be in the pre-election threads. His alter-ego was named “Mick28”


You can find it around post 2200-something of the Next President of the United States: IV thread. “Mick28” wrote to himself “By the way, Mick, they changed my name to zeb1 during the changeover” (both accounts were carrying on conversations with several posters throughout the entire thread).

zeb issued a fabulous “Well, I think we all learned a valuable lesson here” nonpology, then carried on like, well, himself for a few hundred more posts until Chris came in and laid the smack down around post 2700.

Again, the guy who started a separate account so he had a spare in his back pocket to “help” his own points in conversation and make it seem like someone else was agreeing with him is the one accusing smh of dishonesty. Tremendous stuff here.


That was absolutely worth the time to look at, and quite…telling? Enlightening? Definitely interesting.


This was a gift from the gods. All Hail GodActivitiesGuy!

Bonus points if anyone can find where Raj was posting the day of/after the “Mexico is sending rapists” speech.