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Russian Influence in the Trump Administration


Could be worse–I could be picturing you as The Joker from the old Batman TV series (which, like me, you are old enough to remember, and probably watched with enthusiasm). Heath Ledger is infinitely cooler.


And I have a picture of you going door to door asking for peoples weapons. Claiming that the constitution does not allow them the right to own such a horrid thing.



Do I have a maniacal rictus etched on my face?


No, but you do look like the male version of crazy Lizzie Warren.


Umm Im confused are you saying its brilliant political chess by the dems to manipulate certain rebs for theyre own agenda??? If so isnt that the same as a conspiracy ?

If you mean this whole thing is just great political theatre sure it is… Trump gives us a Kardashian Reality show drama and comedy gold im one big orange package… Just really hoping the pee pee tape is real #fingercrossed

btw Russia is playing with missles near east coast no big deal I guess


I’m confused–do you mean Pocahontas? (Consistency in slurring people helps the rest of us keep up.)


Well, I wouldn’t hold your breath; this one isn’t going away anytime soon. Not because there’s anything to it, of course…it’s just those dems love them some good political theater. :spy:


Wait Zeb…you were right. There’s nothing to see here.



Yes sir. Print this out and laminate it. It’s as certain as sundown.

At the very least, Trump gutted his own one-term presidency by running as an unabashed Putinite stooge whom the GRU was actively breaking US law to help elect (read that again and pretend this is mere partisan politics, Zeb, you nutless fucking quisling). But it’s very likely the consequences will be more severe.


Not a conspiracy in that no one is entering into a treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons (pulled from dictionary) in order to harm Trumps reputation and agenda. In other words they are not sitting around planning any of this. This is pure and simple politics. Taking advantage of a situation to turn it in your parties favor.

And yes I give the democrats tons of credit for doing it. The republicans do the same thing. Anyone who denies this is simply wrong.


Slurring? Ha ha she’s a politician. It’s like calling crap…crap. Anyway not Pocahontas. The real whacky look of one left wing loon Lizzie Warren. Who by the way I hope runs for President in 2020.


It did go away for a while if you recall. Other issues popped up. But with the Flynn incident this has come back to the front burner.

And no not because those dems love good political theater. It’s because those dems (just like the republicans) love to play the game of trash and burn. It helps keep the other parties agenda to a minimum. At least that’s why it’s done.


Yes, smh you lying, welshing piece of crap?


Yes, that’s todays news. Where does todays news go?

Keep watching.


I guess its in the partys favor…but there are plenty of anti trump rebs…Hes kinda burned the intel comunity too which is just dumb…
He brought all this on himself by being the worlds biggest douchebag…
As they say in mother Russia “pay prositute to piss, get piss on you”


Well, even if he was not the worlds biggest douchebag the dems would be after him. Again, this is what each party does. But yeah Trump makes it easier no question.


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You are basically saying “prove it”. And that is usually the Welshers cry. Although the ones that owe money sometimes just disappear. I’ll remind you of this: I bet three people that Hillary would lose. You are the only one who did not honor the bet after losing. Even 100 pages of your colorful prose won’t change the fact that you are a lying little shit bag who obviously has far more problems than can be cured on an Internet web site.


See above, you fucking loon. 300 words about you. Sorry that this is no longer a shield – it wasn’t anyway, but whatever – behind which for you to cower while your silly horseshit gets torn apart.