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Russian Influence in the Trump Administration


But it IS more fun than having to learn how to correctly use “ze” and “zir.”


Somewhat non-sequitous, but a nice little side dish.


Globalists go from denying the deep state to saying it’s a good thing heh


Oh my gosh Trump is being controlled by the Ruskies!! Ah… women and children are crying . People are running mad in the streets. The end is near…Trump is a villain for sure. Ha ha ha ha

If it were true I would agree. But, unlike you, I have seen many of these very “dangerous” scenario’s over the past many years. And I will say to you with complete confidence it is all politics. And I will add one more thing. It is a brilliant tactical move by the democrats.

That is the sport to which I refer.


So despite active investigations into the Trump admin’s ties to Russia, Flynn’s removal and Trump’s repeated flattery of Putin, you think this entire thing is merely a political ploy by democrats to tarnish Trump?

If so, at what point would you actually say, “Hmm, I guess there really is something here”?


Yea real hardcore leftys like McCain arent digging the Russia Trump thing… Also Lindsy Grahm wasnt happy her panties are in a big twist


Tyler don’t get upset with me when I ask you this question okay? Promise? If you don’t promise don’t read past this point…

How old are you?


He has been on TN for 14 years & 1 day

Hope that helps?


Yes, so it is having the desired affect isn’t it? This helps to divide and conquer. The dems are trying to create a wedge between Trump and the republican party elite. Now why would they want to do that? Duh…Stops Trump from getting his agenda through? Slows it down at least? Make sense? Yes.

Keep the focus off of the issues and on Trump’s ties to Russia. You elected a bad President here. Better listen up all of you republicans (both politicians and rank and file).

Not that this is a new strategy. Anyone here remember Hillary’s ties to certain other countries because of massive donations to the Clinton Foundation? The republicans screamed “Clinton is owned by certain Arab countries…she’s a crook. Can’ elect her.”

In reality she never once actually did any of them a favor now did she?

But it looked really bad huh?

That worked out great for the republicans didn’t it?

Now turnabout is fair play.

Great theater …but nothing will come of it. Or is Hillary in jail now? No? Uh huh…


Ha, I’m just saying that anyone who thinks that “most” of this stuff is real is either young (we all start out young), stupid or a left winger who believes it because after all Trump is bad he’s not a democrat. He’s a big meany who harms women and is a racist. By the way those two narratives are far from being over with. In fact, long after this Russia strategy is gone those two will still be around.

I compare those two things said about Trump (He’s a racist and a sexist) to those screaming about Obama being born in a foreign Country. They called them “birthers” right? But, how many people who voted for Trump actually believed that Obama was not a US citizen? I have heard various estimates as high as 65%. So…nice job by the republicans on that one huh? Of course no self-respecting republican would be up front about it…but they peddled it and the far right peddled it hard and often.

Those who actually don’t know that this is one big game (for the most part) are clueless!


So your answer to my question is “Never.” Got it.


I dont think the Dems are controlling McCain or Grahm, its not a conspiracy they just dont dig Russia. Also Roy Blunt, and many other “die hard leftys” umm just not seeing the mass conspiracy here… And why would there be one??? Rebs have everything they want so why would they need to conspire with Dems for anything?

As far as Trumps agenda… I think sane Rebs are ok with some of it and some things just arent well planned out and dont make much sense…


I dont think the Dems are controlling McCain or Grahm, [/quote]

I never said they were “controlling” either person did I?

It’s a game of tarnish and destroy…

Right and that’s my point. The further the dems push it they know they are pushing McCain and Graham’s buttons. Freaking brilliant!

Mass conspiracy? No, no, no…it’s called politics. No one got together and said let’s tarnish Trump in some sort of conspiracy. It’s a given man…

[quote[And why would there be one???
Rebs have everything they want so why would they need to conspire with Dems for anything?[/quote]

OMG …they did not enter into a conspiracy with the dems. The dems know the hot buttons to push to get anyone and everyone agitated at Trump including the two mentioned above. AND they do this (both parties do) to slow down or even sometimes halt the other parties agenda. ITS POLITICS!!

[quote]As far as Trumps agenda… I think sane Rebs are ok with some of it and some things just arent well planned out and dont make much sense…

Of course some things don’t make much sense they came from Donald Trump


Oh Tyler take off your partisan hat for a second will you?

I’ve already described you in one of my posts. You are a democrat, or perhaps an Independent who hates Trump and overall does not like the republican agenda. GOT IT.

I’m on the other side. But we can both be honest enough and clear thinking enough to accept what is going on.

Did you ever believe that Obama was not born in the US? Of course not, nor did I. Can we both agree that this attack from the right hurt him politically? Sure we can. We can argue about the degree that it hurt him but it sure as hell didn’t help him.

We can have partisan fights another time…

It’s politics Tyler just politics.

And just for you when this Russia thingy is over I am going to come back and remind you that it was PURE POLITICS.


That’s rich coming from you.

Ok so when the Russia connections are fully investigated and Flynn and the Trump administration are vindicated, you feel free to remind me.


Better yet I will remind you when it is not longer a hot news item. As that is what drives people to make various political decisions.

And…there is nothing to it.

Hey, I have an idea. I will remind you twice. The first will be to remind you of how politically naïve you were. The second will be to remind you that there was nothing to it.

Fair enough?


Nihilist Cynic Lol-nothing-matter-it’s-all-a-great-big-game Zeb is probably my favorite Zeb yet. I figured he’d have to set his most deeply held political beliefs to the side in order to make room for Trumpism, but I didn’t think he’d pile them up in the backyard and burn them with a maniacal rictus permanently etched into his face.

Anyway: not a good couple of days for the “nothin’ to see here” crowd, eh? My favorites are the bumbling fantasists who are trying pitiably to get people to believe that this isn’t new, that this is what it was like back in '09 or '01. They are in for a rough couple months.


says smh the Welsher


@zeb1, you have to admit, that’s some pretty strong, evocative writing right there. The image of you with a “maniacal rictus” on your face is going to be with me for a while (I’m picturing Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight).