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Russian Influence in the Trump Administration


I think most Soviet-era spooks, if you resurrected them & told them what’s going on here, wouldn’t believe you. It would align too closely with their utopian fantasies.

As an aside: at a certain point, this ludicrous, unprecedented horseshit becomes inexplicable without the kompromat.


you posted a link a day or two ago while demolishing Raj (in another thread), where the it reads like a Vincy Flynn novel. While there is significant circumstancial evidence, and my understanding is you believe it to be true… how do you see it amounting to anything that can actually be held up in court? If it exists, do you think the “kompromat” (had to look that one up) will remain behind the scenes with Trump keeping in line?

It all seems almost too far-fetched that this could all happen secretively.


Oh, I don’t think the kompromat angle per se could hold up. It’s one thing for the intel community to get the nod from sources they trust (and pay) in the Kremlin – “yes, it exists, it depicts this and that.” It’s another thing entirely for them to get their hands on it. I imagine the bodies/arrests accumulating around the Steele memo are serving as a fairly strong deterrent of future disloyalty within the Russian security services.

But if there was contact, on this or any other illicit topic, between Trump and FSB/GRU/etc., that’s what would get him. For example, if the recording delivered to Brennan really did capture agents of the Russian government discussing financial aid for Trump or his campaign, or collusion with the Trump campaign re: the hacks, then that should be enough.

As an aside, I do believe the kompromat story. In fact I believe it’s becoming difficult to seriously doubt it in good faith. Take what we know about Trump: he is pussy-grabbing silver-spoon nihilist undeterred by something like the marital status of his target (to say nothing of her consent). A NYDN columnist said in 2001 that he brags about “banging” girls who “have no morals” in Russia specifically. So: has Donald Trump done repulsive sexual shit in luxury Russian hotel rooms? Yeah, undoubtedly.

Now take what we know about the FSB: they record what goes on in hotel rooms, particularly expensive high-status penthouses & suites where celeb clowns might expose themselves in all kinds of useful ways. The KGB used to actually run the Soviet state travel agency specifically so that they could collect kompromat. So: did the FSB record whatever Trump was up to? Yeah, undoubtedly.

Does this square with the related evidence, like Trump’s behavior during the Superbowl interview? Yes: almost too perfectly.

Edit: factor in what the CIA told Paul Wood & what the arrests/murders suggest re: Steele’s sources and there you have it.


Ran into this at the WSJ and it reminded me of this conversation. Not sure if it has a paywall or not.

An interesting quote:

“Mr. Flynn initially said that in a conversation Dec. 29 with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, he didn’t discuss sanctions imposed that day by the outgoing Obama administration, which were levied in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Mr. Flynn now concedes that he did, administration officials said, after transcripts of his phone calls show as much. He also admits he spoke with the ambassador more than once on Dec. 29, despite weeks of the Trump team’s insisting it was just one phone call, officials said.”



Yea Im not lovin this Trump Putin bromance. Russia isnt exactly a bastian of Freedom. Everything about it stinks and I think Russia has played the US for bitches… My big question tho is… Do you think Trump banged the Russian pee pee hookers and got in the water sports? Or just sat like a weirdo in corner jerkin it While they peed on each other?



@therajraj, you posted that about 1 minute too soon…


Alternative facts


“This post has been deleted by its author and will be removed…blahblahblahblah.”


Russian state TV this evening (before Flynn’s resignation)

“NATO Pence (a derogatory.term) is launching an attack on Flynn. Fortunately for us, Bannon is the one who matters and he’s in a much stronger position to repel any attack by the “globalists” (Jews) regardless of Flynn’s fate”


I know Flynn is taking the fall for this, but does anybody actually believe he acted alone?

Investigations still ongoing… what else are they going to find related to Trump and Russia?


^ Fuck no they all knew… I bet Russia has all kinds of shit on everyone… My dirty laundry smells better #peepeetape


I have a very hard time believing Flynn was having these conversations and saying nothing to Trump about it…especially in light of all of the focus on Russia during the campaign and transition. I think Trump damn well knew (might have even had his blessing) but let it reach critical mass before pushing Flynn out.


And John McCain from another article:

“General Flynn’s resignation also raises further questions about the Trump administration’s intentions toward Vladimir Putin’s Russia, including statements by the president suggesting moral equivalence between the United States and Russia despite its invasion of Ukraine, annexation of Crimea, threats to our NATO allies, and attempted interference in American elections,” McCain said.


Well, I did some checking of the hysterically furious statements made by Russian politicians in the Twitter-sphere and the media and it’s an amazing read.

While the official Kremlin line was negative and comments in English were somewhat restrained (see Trump-speak below by the Speaker of Duma) the real party starts when you see comments in Russian from Putin’s United Russia Party cronies

From labeling Flynn’s resignation as a “direct attack on Russia” (fascinating statement if you actually think about it) to a supposed “globalist” (meaning Jew) conspiracy against Bannon, Russian politicians are alarmed and express “hope that Steve will be able to thwart last-ditch desperate plans by the banking elite (again, Jews) and keep the US on the path towards mutual understanding”

It seems that in the last week or two Bannon started appearing in Russian media as the “saviour of the white race” supplanting Trump as the person in the new administration getting the most praise…


Since the “Trump: First 100 Days” thread is shot to shit, posting this here:


NY Times isnt that fake news? If its not shared from my cousin Jim Bob or Brightbart Im not sure I can trust it…


I love the lefts “Trump is in bed with the Russian’s” narrative. It was dying but Flynn has kept it alive. The dems will now get much more mileage from it.

Great political move to hurt the republicans and tarnish President Trump. Not sure it will have legs after the Flynn resignation dies out. Time will tell.

What a great sport.


The concept that a foreign power has the ability to blackmail and influence the White House is not fun and games.