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Russian Hockey Team Plane Crash


Pretty messed up... apparently the plane couldn't reach a safe altitude fast enough, and on the way down, it hit the antennae of an airport beacon.

Almost the whole team is dead. 43 dead, 2 survivors: a crewmember, and player Alexander Gamilov.

Gamilov seen here in this video being rushed to the hospital:


So sad. It seems professional hockey has been cursed lately.


Just read about this.
Sad stuff.
I can't believe anyone survived though, that's pretty amazing.



May all them rest in Peace. Condolences to the families.


I actually posted a small snippet in the TK thread but again,this is very disheartening and I kinda teared up abit thinking that if my favorite team (Texans) were involved in a crash.

Insult to injury^ Im extremely upset that CNN covered this story when it first broke out and ESPN has barely made a sound about it. Fuck ESPN.


Pictures of crash site.


This is all very sad.


May they all RIP


Man, that is sad. RIP team.


Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode.


If it could not reach safe altitude it hit the antenna on the way up. I wonder if it was a temperature or wind issue.

Also Russias record is not good in regard to aviation safety.


It seems the cause was bad quality fuel.

Lokomotiv Yaroslav is added to the list of teams gone due to plane crashes. Manchester United lost eight players (Bobby Charlton survived), Zambia's football (soccer) golden generation was lost because the pilot shut down the wrong engine after a fire, etc.

At work, as always that I have to deactivate* someone due to reasons like that, I can't avoid feeling bit sad.


hockey has had to deal with some major tragedies in the last few months.