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Russian Bear

Has anyone used this supplement? If so how was it for you?

I never heard of it until now, but I’m sure glad I did. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

“Russian Bear 5000-Vanilla is a high calorie; zero fat; protein rich weight gaining powder providing 5000 calories and 292 grams protein per serving providing an anabolic formula for rapid weight gain without gaining fat.”

Weight gainers in general are usually crappy, but I think this one is king in the land of shit.

5,000 calories per serving, but it won’t make you fat? Yeah, sell that one to the blind, deaf, and dumb…

Okay, in my initial laughter I missed that it recommends drinking throughout the day, but still. The ingredients list has everything but the kitchen sink.

I’d stay away from this, and weight gainers in general. Real food and quality protein supplements always win out.

Yes I have heard of it and seen it many times…Gathering dust on the shelves of health food stores.

Out side of teenage boys who don’t know any better no one really serious buys weight gainers anymore they are not much better than a bag of flour and sugar with a little cheap protein powder dumped in a large can. with ridiculous claims and dosages.

If calories are what you are after good solid food intake with a quality protein drink is far more cost effective and muscle productive.

Save you monet go grocery shopping.

Just to be fair, it’s 5000 cal when you mix the whole container with one gallon of whole milk.

[quote]Wreckless wrote:
Just to be fair, it’s 5000 cal when you mix the whole container with one gallon of whole milk.[/quote]

I think that might kill you.

No, I’m refering to the tablet version

Oh, the tablet version. Well why didn’t you say so.
It’s better than roids and the secret of every pro athlete.
Whenever you hit a plateau, take russian bear capsules. If the plateau is still an issue look at your training then your nutrition.

Sorry I couldn’t resist.

If it’s the same product I think I tried it about 15 years ago (powder version then). However, I don’t remember much about it other than I thought the name and the ad for it was cool. It was just something that our local gym had for sale in their display case at one time. I only had one can of it and they never got any more in.