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Russian Bear Workout (Again)

Hey world this is my first post on T-Nation. I am going to be playing Rugby in about 6 months and wanted to kick it off with a mass cycle. I have my Rugby training after this and know exactly what I will be doing I just wanted to build some adequate mass beforehand and have heard alot about high volume training.

I’m going with the Russian Bear workout and had a few ?'s. Already read the posts on them but had a question on the program Mike Mahler put together from Pavel’s PTTP.
As many of you know it goes a little something like this:

Mon: A1 Military Press
A2 Pullup
B1 Dead-lift
Wed A1 Bench Press
A2 Bent-Over Row
B1 Squat
Fri A1 Military Press
A2 Pullup
B1 Deadlift

I understand how the routine goes and everything I just have a question on the pullups. I can barely pull off 2 wide grip pullups right now and about 5-7 with my hands closer together than real wide and I don’t know how many chin-ups (up there, past 12). So my question is how does one decrease the load from 5 reps at a 6-7 rep capability to 90 percent of that to 80 percent of that and repeating that?

I’m not strong enough to nor do I have the equipment to add weight on the pullups/chinups so it’s just my bodyweight. If anyone has tried this or if even Mike sees this what is the best way to deal with the chin up/pullup situation? Worse comes to worse I could load my backpack up with books for the weight.

Also does it makes sense to incorporate dips into this or are tri’s farely well addressed with the Presses in the routine?

Thanks alot guys

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for you to modify the routine to get your pullup numbers up first, before you even begin to worry about any of that? Only being able to do two wide grip is a deficiency.

I got a pull up bar for my house, and on top of my normal routine, would hit it up for a set or two every time I walked by it to get my numbers up when I was in the same boat as you.

Sounds like a good idea. I have a pullup bar and have been getting stronger. In the mean time I’ve been doing just not so wide grip pullups, maybe hand’s width closer to the center of the bar from both sides and will progressively widen my grip.