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Russian Bear Routine


Hello! There are no decent posts about this routine. Has anybody done it and what were the results, if any? I am between this and 20rep squats for my next routine when I finish my current one. Logically, I suppose they would rotate pretty well i.e. do one and then the other. Any opinions/advice about results are much appreciated.


whose version of the bear? be more specific. there are many

Good Russian Bear is go to Team-andro dot com
use a page translator if u dont know german.

Its listed under big n Strong>russian bear
great setup. not allowed to post a link to it

the main lift periodization scheme is somewhat similar to " the complete powerlook " here on tnation. the rest is not.

I have done both and enjoyed them.

I Prefer the Russian Bear at team-andro for me.

Pavels Russian Bear. I did it many moons ago when it came out in power to the people. Plenty of reviews on line. Boring as shit for me. Rather do the Doug Hepburn method described here on tnation by a member twiceborn who knew Doug.

All that being said, take a look at Dan Johns 40 workout challenge

on the 1x10 day we did 30 plus rep squats.

go with your goals.


Thanks for the replies. I was talking about Pavel’s Russian Bear - I didn’t actually know there was more than one type.