Russian BBing Video

I stumbled upon this video, with my name tagged in it from a year ago. It seems to be in Russian, which I don’t speak. Anyone feel like translating for me? -lol


Stu, I know a little Russian. His name is Yuri:)

@loppar is pretty good with languages.

The video is in Turkish. I know around 200 Turkish words and they don’t help me much here, except that he’s talking about something being true or false and repeatedly mentioning a natural body (duh).

You’d have to find an actual Turkish speaker for more.

Turkish speaker here.

I’ll summarize what he’s saying in time segments.

0.26 - 1:01 He greets the audience and introduces the video topic centered around natural bodybuilding and naturally achievable rates of development. He mentions that in Turkey as well as in other countries, there is a lot of pervasive falsehoods and myths surrounding what’s achievable (especially) by natural standards.

1:02 - 2:01 He details a study conducted between the years of 1947 and 2010 involving 300 of the top competitive natural bodybuilders. The study encompassed a variety of physical variables such as bodyweight, body fat %, height, bone structure, wrist and ankle size. Based on those variables, a formula was derived to give an idea of what is achievable muscle development wise for a natural/drug-free bodybuilder.

2:04 - 3:10 He goes into greater specifics of the formula and the importance of wrist/ankle dimensions, bone size/skeletal structure along with overall fat-free body mass. These measurements along with the individual’s height are used to predict muscle development rates/potential with variability of 5-10% possible based on certain factors.

3:12 - 4:12 He goes into the topic of genetics and how, although there are outliers, the majority of humans are more similar genetically than they are drastically different.
Yes there are genetic differences but these factors are not as significant and many parameters attributed to genetics can be mitigated/leveled off through proper long term training with emphasis on consistency and nutrition.

4:13 - 5:41 He mentions various examples of natural bodybuilders including: Brad Borland who has many years of natural bodybuilding experience as well as competitive success. Brad has had bodyfat levels as low as 7-8% along with a 45cm/18" arm measurement. He mentions that Brad’s measurement of 18" is in his lean condition (which is what matters) and that at a higher bodyfat%, Brad can obviously display a greater arm measurement (which is not the aim of bodybuilding).

5:43 - 6:58 He presents a second example using Ty Dinh who won a world natural title in Minnesota back in 2012. He also holds IFPA pro status. Ty has dropped as low as 6% bodyfat for competition and carries an offseason bodyfat% of 10-12. At 6% bodyfat, Ty’s arm measurement is 43-44cm/17.5". At the higher offseason bodyfat%, that arm measurement can hit 48-49cm/18.9-19.2".

7:00 - 7:28 The next example he uses is Stu Yellin. Stu holds a WNBF world title as well as pro status and competes in natural pro competitions. At a bodyfat% of 6, Stu possesses 17" arms.

7:30 - 9:58 He mentions that in addition to the 3 prior examples, Steve (Reeves) had an arm measurement of 46-47cm/18.5" at a bodyfat% of 7. While variations exist from individual to individual, the arm measurements will expand to higher readings with a move upward in bodyfat %. The message is that, as a natural, when one leans out to 6-7% bodyfat, your arm measurements should be of no relevance. And that this fixation throughout the world on arm size measurements and falsehoods surrounding arm size measurements promotes confusion and myths. When one hears of high arm measurements, one must initially take into account corresponding bodyfat levels. The remainder of what he mentions is about leaving questions in the comment section, hope you all enjoyed the video, etc…

It appears as if a great portion of this video is based on info he gathered from the article linked below. He basically translates certain portions of that article into Turkish for his audience.