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Russian and Norwegian Nationals


The norwegian powerlifting national championships took place 24th and 25th of february 2006.

Go to the site:


and click on the image labeled

STYRKELOFT NM 2006 - gives you an index of all the images.

also the russian powerlifting nationals was recently arranged, and the videos from this meet can be viewed at this location:


use the babelfish service to view the site in english.

http://babelfish.altavista.com/ and go down to were you can translate a web-page - then paste the link to the .ru site above and select translate from russian to english - wait for a moment - and you get the site in english.

many strong lifters in the russian championship.

on average the lifters are 20-30% stronger than the norwegian lifters, why it is so i will not speculate in.

best norwegian squat was 390kg by asbjorn randen, and best russian squat was Andrey Malanichevs @ 450kg.


27 views only ?

where are all the t-men ?

those vids are a goldmine of spectacular powerlifting.