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Russian 1 Leg Ballet Leg Thrust and Janda Sit Ups

how do I know when I’m doing them right?

When you get hyoooooooooooge like Pavel! :slight_smile:

Your lower back should be flat and pressed against the floor and should stay there at all times. Your toes pointed,glutes contracted and your pelvis should not tilt forward at any time. The movement is initiated and performed by contracting the abdominals.

This guy’s just milking the whole “Russian” and “Soviet” phenomena til it’s run dry. What’s next, KGB Tricep Kickbacks!


You think calling people “comrade” and selling iron at $1.50 per pound is “milking” it? You are not a very good “party” member are you? You are right on man!

I wonder how come he doesn’t have log, sandbag or rock tournaments? Does he think that these “tools” are inferior to kettlebells? Oh that’s right, he can’t sell them for a five time mark up.

Just like the last T-mag editorial said, if you have a foreign sounding name and speak in an accent, you must be great! T-Mag hits it out of the park once again!

I also put Clubbells in the same class as kettlebells. If you have a lot of money and a lot of time on your hands, go for it. Othewise, stick to Barbbells, Dumbbells and if you do have a little extra training time, sandbags, logs and rocks are a nice free (or next to free option).

Hey Zeb,
Finally we agree on something, hehehe!
Pavel’s a bright man but man am I just about sick of him at this point.