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Russia Won't Go Away


Sanders, Webb, Chafee (sp?) I don’t remember the other names. But I guess the Dems are just that weak they’re hardly memorable.


It’s probably because they didn’t receive any votes. Except O’Malley. He technically got 110k votes out of ~31 million

So in your method of who won and lost, HRC beat 5 and Trump beat what? 17? And that sells your point?


It does. It demonstrates just how weak the Democrats were (are).

The two big trendy rock stars of the party are socialists. Beto didn’t even win his race. Warren’s DNA test made her toxic.

Ok, man. Good night.


We’ll have to agree to disagree haha. Have a good night


This is no longer a problem for lefty voters. It’s trendy to spend other people’s money and call it virtue. The establishment Republicans are light beer democrats anyway.

Trump lost so many seats in the house because he was so odious to establishment reps they’d rather quit than work with him. Reps hate actually having power.


IIRC, the economy was on the up swing in the first few months of his presidency and for the most part, that kept up. Slow growth, though as GDP never reached above 3 percent for a year but the recession had some to do with it… I’m just not sure how much the economy really affects voters, at least looking at the last few elections. I feel voters aren’t smart enough, tbh.

Bush also had 9/11 so that first term is hard to judge. Second term, he did not perform very well as he lost both House and Senate.

Obama’s 61 is a true shellacking, while losing in the House and Senate. Trump at the very least gained in the Senate.

I just don’t see that as a huge shit stomp when every president, aside from Bush, in the last 40 years has lost house seats, while exactly 0 presidents(aside from Trump) in that time span gained Senate seats.

Dems f’d up.

Edit: Not saying it was because of Trump by any means but I believe voters are getting tired of the shit show the Democrats have been putting on. They try and match his outrageousness but go above and beyond, so much so that they revved up red voters. I’d put money on the Kavanaugh hearings being a big reason why they under performed at midterms.


Obviously we aren’t in agreement, but given Dems historically are lazy as shit in the midterms, I think they performed amazingly. Off the back of the kav hearings no less, that imo definitely didn’t help their turnout.

Imagine what the numbers would have been if the GOP hadn’t spent the last 10 years ramping up the gerrymandering. I was hella impressed at the result personally.


Oh, Trump definitely revved up the blues and if it weren’t for the the hearing, we might be looking at a major loss for the reds.

You provocateur, lol.


The other, with help from the DNC.


It was the largest net gain in house seats for the Democrats since 1974 or something. Are you just saying that they underperformed compared to how you believe they should have done?


It’s a bit complicated. I would disagree with the murder part but the Senate was a historically bad map for Democrats. They did well in the house and in state legislatures. For them to take back the Senate was always going to be a massive long shot.

I wouldn’t put it as a large feather in the cap for either team.


Definitely best Dem showing of my lifetime. Off the back of a roaring economy and tax cuts? Shiiiiiit

edit: ironically, the last time Dems won this many seats it was off the back of a pretty crooked republican as well


Exactly. They didn’t just hold, they gained. I’m just not impressed by the swing of the House, and solely the house, in a mid-term against the likes of Trump.


Heh, true enough. With help from the DNC.


That and polling. I thought they would win quite a bit more, like in the high 50 range. Also, you would have to figure the pendulum needs to swing back after the 76 seats Obama lost in his two terms. I guess that was my reasoning for thinking it wasn’t that great. Hell, the Republicans have to be pumped they can use the Dems as an excuse for why they aren’t getting things done now.

Really was just arguing silly semantics with pfury. If you guys are pumped for it, that’s all that really matters, lol.


To be fair, it’s pretty pump worthy. Dems haven’t net that many seats since before I was alive. And last time it took a crooked Republican too!