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Russia Won't Go Away


The Tea Party did it better. If that’s the best the Democrats can do during a midterm election with a guy like Trump to run against… The Democrats better hope collusion actually sticks to Trump himself


They weren’t running against Trump :wink:

This shitstomp was brought to you by failure of traditional Republicans

Why? Is a bunch of his employees going to prison not enough? It’s insanely better than the GOP managed vs Hillary on their absolute best day.


Not even close to being enough.


Well the midterms absolutely disagree with you, but I guess we’ll see how 2020 shakes out :wink:


I thought you said they weren’t running against Trump?

Come on, they’re the opposite party winning the midterms and gaining the house. Not impressed. Especially when they were running against a party headed by a guy continuously under investigation. Definitely not impressed. If collusion doesn’t stick to Trump himself…Oh man.


They weren’t?

Feel free to bring up the last time the party in power during an exploding economy lost this bad

Not trying to sound offensive, but this is adorable. The guy couldn’t win the pop vote against the worst Dem candidate of my lifetime when he didn’t even have political baggage (like the investigations you cite). And collusion needs to stick for him to lose?

Guess we’ll see lol


Historically speaking, the Dems underachieved pretty bigly at the midterms. I’m interested in why you think the Republicans lost so bad.

On another note, who is going to defeat Trump in 2020?

Genuinely curious on your thoughts.


No, but he won the Presidency. She can keep the participation ribbon. The worst Repub candidate since the big bang. Yes, since that far back.


I may be off here, but historically reigning parties don’t get murdered when the economy is booming, unemployment low, etc

Hopefully I have no clue. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If the Dems put up a front runner this early, only to expose him to the tweetderp of trump and his ‘questionable statements’ I’ll vote for him myself to spite the Dems

You mean the guy that beat a bunch of traditional Republicans so bad many of them retired?


Still confused here. You say they got murdered but they kept the Senate and had a historically low loss in the house, (compared to Bush, Obama losses.) I think that speaks to how well the good ol US is doing…

The Dems had all the ammunition they needed to really do damage but like Trump, they are their own worst enemy. IE: Kavanaugh hearing.


At this point?

No one but Trump himself. (Sorry that you don’t understand that, @pfury…)


No question.

The DEMS did not gain any fans with that Cluster Fuck.


Well, Obama lost 61 seats in his first midterm during an economic downturn, in an election cycle that historically means lower turnout for Dems.

Bush W lost 0 seats during his first midterm during an economic upswing, in an election cycle that historically means lower turnout for Dems.

Trump lost 36 seats during his midterm during an economic upswing, in an election cycle that historically means lower turnout for Dems.

Maybe I’m looking at the wrong wiki. I see bush with 0 losses first midterm, 4 gained in 2nd midterm

The only way this statement is true is if Trump is completely unbeatable in every scenario, and Americans, en masse, prefer him to Democrats.

I’d love to see a number that isn’t your gut that backs this up :wink:



This is ALL “gut”, @pfury…no numbers, stats, polling, etc.

(And how well did all of those things work as predictors in 2015-2016? Not so good…)


And the Democrat that beat the others.


Then to quote a great great man I know, I’m sorry you don’t understand what I’m saying.

Other. Singular :wink:


Don’t forget the dropouts.


Fair point, HRC technically beat 2 people. Compared to Trump beating 11.


I count all the drop outs. If they can’t get a few feet past the starting line, then she beat them.


Are you able to name more than 2 people that were on the tickets for the Dem primary? I’m not