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Russia Won't Go Away


Masa? That sounds right up Trump’s alley.


Manafort pleads guilty and will cooperate with Mueller.

Pretty sure Trump was tweeting about how Manafort was a stand up guy for not “flipping”. Whoops.


This witch hunt continues to find a lot of people practicing witchcraft.


Hey everyone. Those Russian guys with the nerve agent attack? Yeah, they were just tourists. They were just looking at a cathedral. Haha. Wow, that Russian TV.


This is spectacularly bizarre. The Kremlin host who’s constantly insinuating they’re gay, with their “bulging biceps”, “tight pants” and “sharing a room together”, while they claim they’re simple folk who sell protein supplements (!) with a resigned “I spent five years in a GRU academy and now my career is dead” look on their faces.

But the most deranged part comes at 5:09 when they say in Russian “that they had to come to Salisbury +again on March the 4th to carry out the mission” to which even the host had to ask “which mission” only to receive “er…the mission…to see the cathedral”

This exchange is omitted from the English subtitles with just a generic “to go sightseeing” phrase.

Either the GRU have become complete retards or this is a magnificent troll job,


Petrov has all of the mannerisms and micro expressions of someone that would kill your family then help you look for them.


Russia has nothing to with Assange. Obviously.