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Russia Won't Go Away


Masa? That sounds right up Trump’s alley.


Manafort pleads guilty and will cooperate with Mueller.

Pretty sure Trump was tweeting about how Manafort was a stand up guy for not “flipping”. Whoops.


This witch hunt continues to find a lot of people practicing witchcraft.


Hey everyone. Those Russian guys with the nerve agent attack? Yeah, they were just tourists. They were just looking at a cathedral. Haha. Wow, that Russian TV.


This is spectacularly bizarre. The Kremlin host who’s constantly insinuating they’re gay, with their “bulging biceps”, “tight pants” and “sharing a room together”, while they claim they’re simple folk who sell protein supplements (!) with a resigned “I spent five years in a GRU academy and now my career is dead” look on their faces.

But the most deranged part comes at 5:09 when they say in Russian “that they had to come to Salisbury +again on March the 4th to carry out the mission” to which even the host had to ask “which mission” only to receive “er…the mission…to see the cathedral”

This exchange is omitted from the English subtitles with just a generic “to go sightseeing” phrase.

Either the GRU have become complete retards or this is a magnificent troll job,


Petrov has all of the mannerisms and micro expressions of someone that would kill your family then help you look for them.


Russia has nothing to with Assange. Obviously.


Had to revive this otherwise-dead thread in light of the following over the past few days:


Holy swamp!

Is this administration historically incompetent, or historically corrupt? I lean towards utter incompetence because I think/know there is an increasing level of tit-for-tat the higher you go and can only imagine the average amount of corruption at the top.


Giving a $50 million penthouse to Putin - when Peskov heard this I’m certain he could barely conceal his excitement. Not because of the money but because of the fact that it revealed that the Amerikansy from Trump’s team were pathetic small-time bumbling amateurs. $50 million is literally nothing for Putin and his inner circle and it helped him understand that Trump is small fry when it comes to money and that he could be bought off for laughably small sums compared to the scale of ex-Soviet corruption. “A guy who worships only money yet believes $50 million is a lot of money. I couldn’t have chosen anyone better myself”

BTW, where are all those ardent Wikileaks defenders with "What motive could he possibly have"?


I say both. My fear is even if mueller delivers a devastating report that confirms everything that most anti trump people believe I’m still not sure that will be enough for him to lose in 2020. I for one have lost a great deal of confidence in the American voter. His supporters blindly follow him no matter what and too many who don’t , won’t vote.


Going with all of the above. Mueller played Trump so incredibly well here. He waited until Trump answered his questions in writing and then dropped the Manafort & Cohen bombs. Surely Trump lied in those responses.

Someone remarked on Twitter that Mueller’s playing five simultaneous games of chess while Trump’s sitting in the corner shoving checkers up his ass.


I think so - and I think recent events and timing confirm that Mueller’s questions were never open-ended information gathering requests, they were traps to see what Trump would say in light of all the evidence Mueller already had.

And the Manafort sleaze is breathtaking - cooperating with the special counsel while feeding Trump info about the investigation? And I think I read Manafort and Trump are going to try and claim everything they talked about on this was privileged because of a joint defense agreement?

Who knows if there is a provable collusion case, but it looks incredibly stronger now - but now, even more than that, look at the attempts at obstruction. It’s unbelievable.


Russians are extremely angry that Trump was persuaded by Mattis and Pompeo to cancel the G20 meeting with Putin.




Off the subject a tad…why would the Saudi Prince shake hands with a man who is selling weapons to his enemies in the region? Trump’s foes tie him into this, saying both parties have him bought and paid for. Any thoughts?


Getting stood up by your subordinate is never a good look.


Neither will Clinton’s e-mails.


Deflect, deflect, deflect…

Actually, that is not a bad strategy.


People even do it on tnation :wink:

Edit: I’m kinda glad it wont go away. Conservatives are so busy still whining about Hillary they’re forgetting how bad they just got shitstomped during the primaries in an economy BOOMING year.


I just thought people might want to know more about Hillary’s crooked ways too.