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Russia Won't Go Away



I thought it was a meeting about International Adoptions.

Am I missing something?


I guess that’s fake news now. No one is immune apparently.


It’s a sign of their deepseated tribalism.


Russia is the king of fake news. Russia was responsible for the Protocols of the elders of Zion. A forgery whose sole purpose was to get the people to direct their anger towards the Jews. They have had a lot of practice at creating divisions.


I know plenty…which is one reason (among many) that this man (Trump) makes me more angry than I like to be.

He’s demagogued his way into the Hearts and Minds of a lot of good people.

For their sake, I hope he does “Make America Great Again”…and that his 4-8 years end up making us all a lot stronger.

However…with each Tantrum and Tweet; with each attack on other good people; I wake up every day with the uneasy feeling that this won’t be the case.

I hope I’m wrong.


Well, I guess all those GOPers sporting Russia shirts really love a gigantic and intrusive government apparatus, draconian anti-gun laws, failing socialized healthcare, state funded abortion, a massive and constantly increasing Muslim population through migration, sharia law in parts of the country taking precedence over civil law code and a government financed mosque building program.

Russia is the exact opposite of what was once the GOP platform.


C’mon, @loppar!

You couldn’t see Ronald Reagan; riding one of his prize horses around his Ranch; sporting one of those shirts?


Those shirts weren’t invented yet, so this is the closest we’ve got.


For the record, that’s one of those dwarf horses.


And dumb people.


I can’t wait to see Trump officially meet Russia’s “special envoy” to the US and his biggest fanboy,



Steven Seagal is actually The Aikido Bunny. If you leave your arm under your pillow at night he’ll sneak in and break it.

Then he leaves a whimsically decorated basket of plastic grass and broken dreams at the foot of the bed. (Which he also broke by sitting on to catch his breath after all of that strenuous sneaking)


Good, he already is turning into a carrot.


I’m trying to decide what is more orange, that carrot or Trump.


Seagal is now a Russian citizen and his travels throughout Putin’s official and unofficial empire are utterly mesmerizing. Especially when he’s visiting a Putin’s murderous crony who has got a weird thing for agricultural produce.


He bites right into it like a lost explorer in a foreign land trying to not offend his host over an offer of raw whale liver. Trying not to appear hesitant. Or, squeamish and weak. Except, it’s just a carrot.


Russia is also the king of Whataboutism. Check it out. A key KGB propaganda tactic.


Imagine the diabolical and coercive power at play there.

The guy gives you carrots. Maybe even some parsnips. You make a couple of nice soups and it clears up that little cold you had.

Now he asks you to do something for him, like maybe throw a reporter out of a window or something.

What are you going to do? Say no? The guilt would be tremendous, and more than likely No More Root Vegetables.


Make America Soup Again?


That can get pretty tricky. Under the right leadership, sure. With the current political climate, I dunno.