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Russia Won't Go Away


If he didn’t know about it, how does he know so much about it?


Yeah, but his tactics seem to be working with his base per the tried and tested method of dictators. He simply transformed it into a highly contentious partisan issue - it’s been done before in the US (global warming cough cough).

The same way a Russian babushka, upon seeing some very bleak economic news screaming from the headlines of the opposition newspaper in Russia, with a confident smile on her face knowingly explains to all within earshot that the paper’s editors are Jews. That’s it. Is the news accurate? Doesn’t matter. If anything else, these alleged temporary setbacks only help the faithful understand the incredible power of the President’s enemies and how much he’s actually done while simultaneously having to grapple with such an array of formidable adversaries that are trying to undermine him. And how much more he could have done have they left him alone.

Sounds familiar? So, the media and HRC aren’t going anywhere from Trump’s speeches.


Of course; I’d expect nothing less from a cult leader. He’s recognizing that he’s painted himself into a corner so he’s doubling-down and relying on, what, his followers to start a civil war when Mueller’s report comes out? I’m not sure what his end-game is here yet.


What’s funny, or sad, about those two men is that every problem in their lives can be traced back to the fact they are uneducated and ignorant, and quite possibly plain stupid. But they will gladly blame liberals, Democrats, Mexicans, Muslims and Hillary for their problems. The idea that an American would prefer Russia’s government to one led by Democrats is an embarrassing statement about our citizens.


In the 80’s the two men would be considered the worst traitors.


He doesn’t even know. That’s how cult leaders operate. It’s why so many end in death and destruction. That’s how cults operate; they promise the impossible because it’s all an illusion. Look at those two dolts. Do they really believe that with Trump as president their lives are going to take a turn for the better? Probably, but it won’t happen. They’ll have better luck winning the lottery. The fact they would wear shirts like that shows they lost a long time ago. As long as their leader keeps giving them someone to hate they won’t notice that they’re still the same broke dicks they were before Trump was elected.


I bet in the 80s they loved Red Dawn and thought the Russians were coming.


Could just be humorous t-shirts, too.


Uh, you may want to watch some footage of his rallies. It’s only a matter of time before one of them severely injures or kills a reporter.


Who, me?


Humorous to whom? And I doubt they are being ironic. They were never too cool for school.


And it’s only a matter of time before Trump supporters are severely injured by folks thinking they’re fighting the’ bad’ guys. It’s not like we can’t find instances of Trump supporters being attacked. Both sides, the pro and anti Trumpers, are getting way too nasty. Some giants leaps over two old guys with troll-y t-shirts.


Maybe they shouldn’t cover his rallies anyway. All that happens is, he says at least ten things that betray his ignorance and liberals make a big deal about it. His cultists then make excuses for what he said. And so on. I wonder what his army of clones would think if liberals stopped getting upset. The guy is a buffoon, move on.


To people who who’ve had enough over people losing their cool over PC and IP. Just good natured trolling.


Look at the smile on those old fellas! C’mon. Have a drink guys, loosen up.


I don’t think they are that subtle. When they wanted Hilary locked up, it wasn’t trolling. When they believed, and probably still believe, that Obama was born in Kenya, they weren’t trolling.

Besides, how is looking at the Russian government as a dictatorship that has no concerns for civil liberties a PC view? If I don’t see Russia as having the same values as America, I’m PC?

Maybe the truth is they are just a part of a core group of Trump followers who are simply rather ignorant and easily manipulated.


I love liberty too much to find it funny. What is funny is how their lives won’t change for the better under Trump, yet they still believe. Stupid people are not successful regardless of who is in office. Unless they are in entertainment or sports.

What is also funny is that they are probably in their 50s and look like shit.


Ayatollah assahola, now that was a funny shirt.


I don’t know that those two believe that, though. I just like their funny t-shirts, and they look to be having a great time. Heck, they might be just the type that stops to help change a tire. Who knows!

But really? None of you know any good and decent Trump supporters? Huh. I know a number, myself. We’ve had some debates, these family/friends and I. But, in the end, they’re decent folk. Even if they’d get a chuckle off those t-shirts. Heck, I did.

In the end, I’m not a Trump supporter, so this isn’t something I care to invest time in. Just thought I"d put my 1 cent in.


As do I. But the people I know don’t attend his rallies. I wasn’t painting every person who voted for him with that brush.