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Russia Won't Go Away


You mean a Muslim from Kenya. The GOP never noticed he was black but they could clearly see he wasn’t American or Christian.


I firmly believe that this kind of hypocrisy always comes back to bite you…


During the primaries the Republicans didn’t have a problem calling Trump out but now they see him as a useful idiot. He got them their tax cut and he is creating and maintaining divisiveness. This is important for a party that defines itself not as who they are but who they aren’t.


I also think that it may not be the smartest thing for Trump to do to continue to Twitter-Bomb Cohen and to throw him under the bus.

A “fixer” knows a lot of things about a client.


It is crazy. Not as crazy as codifying that every adult in the US is mandated to purchase a product from a business in a specific sector, like health care, but sure, that’s crazy.


He was Christian as far as Jeremiah Wright was concerned. Otherwise an extremist Muslim.


You forgot Dijongate:


You beat me to it. Eating mustard with white wine in it, so out of touch!

Gulden’s Spicy Brown is the only real choice imho.




I thought this was old news considering his past, but…


Guilty are not…Page is one strange dude…

I mean “Serial-Killer-Like” strange…


And this happened the same day Butina was arrested:

“(The) Treasury Department made it easier for anonymous foreign donors to funnel dark money into non-profits the same day a Russian national linked to the NRA was arrested for attempting to influence our elections,” Senator Ron Wyden, top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement.


The top comment on Reddit is “This is what happens when you put out on the first date…”


Impeachable as far as I’m concerned.


I heard Trevor Noah of the Daily Show asked why that person wasn’t one of his writers.


Cohen alleges that he was present, along with several others, when Trump was informed of the Russians’ offer by Trump Jr. By Cohen’s account, Trump approved going ahead with the meeting with the Russians, according to sources.

Edit. Aaaand just because it’s funny (this is not doctored; I guess Rudy was on CNN when the news broke):


To be fair, Rudy looks like this a lot for no reason, lol!
He has a perpetual “I’m crazy” look.


I think Rudy’s cheese slid off his cracker long ago.


He did marry his cousin.


Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication, that I am concerned about the meeting my wonderful son, Donald, had in Trump Tower. This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics - and it went nowhere. I did not know about it!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 5, 2018

So he now admits his team was working with the Russians to win the election (while pitching his son under the bus).