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Russia Won't Go Away


The questioning of American fucking citizens by ANY foreign government let alone a malicious actor like Russia…I can’t even begin to describe…

I always thought sailors were great linguistic connoisseurs of the profane arts, but I think we need to create another category to verbalize my thoughts adequately.


Did you even follow the conversation or are you just a hysterical mess? “Are you that far gone?” Really? Defend Trump any way, shape or form or point out giant hypocrisies and you’re too far gone. Glad to see everyone awoke from their slumber from the past 8 years to let the media tell them what to be upset about.
My reply to you had nothing to do with emails. That was a side conversation but clearly you didn’t follow.
Everyone is mad at how we got the podesta emails(completely fair) and others and not what the emails contained. That was my response to a different point.

Any who. I’m off to buy a MAGA hat and watch Fox News while drinking from my liberal tears mug. Going to be a long 6 and a half years for you folks.


Closer to 6 and a half months, I reckon.


Does that mean we are stuck with President Pence or does he go too? .


We’ll be stuck with him for 12-18 months or so.


Then we get President Dwayne Johnson? The Rock America needs. I’m in. #Impeach


Nope. It’s President Oprah–the first First Name POTUS. (The Rock will be Secretary of Awesome in her Cabinet.)


She’s waaaaaay too nice to be in politics. Poor Oprah wouldn’t last a week. I want President Johnson with VP Kevin Hart. The rock and heart of America. The platform writes itself. Oprah can be in charge of education and also hand out books to all the nice kids.


Russian State TV worried Trump overdid it

Also, they’re worrying about Rand Paul as well…






I’m so down. Get me a clipboard.



Can he produce a valid birth certificate?


Good question. I believe so. It might take awhile, though.


He did go by some “non-american” name for a while.


Remember when this constituted a presidential scandal?

Or this?


To be fair, the Dems did have the nerve to elect a black guy.


Thank you for posting this @EyeDentist

This is exactly the point I have been trying to get across in numerous post.

Conservatives are not even using a double-standard…but something much, MUCH greater (if there is such a thing!)…when one compares the outrage they had when President Obama said or did something…compared to the absolute silence you hear when Trump does something or says something that would have gotten President Obama hung, drawn and quartered.

It’s just mind-boggling…


Meh, let’s see them nominate an orange guy.