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Russia Won't Go Away


Riveting argument me boy.

Yes, please explain how me stating the media has something to do with the US being a laughing stock(even if true, who gives a shit) has nothing to do with each other. I’ll wait…

I’m bowing out of these convos. No need to waste time defending two scoop Donnie. That’s frowned upon. Everybody here would rather be hysterical when talking about Trump and circle jerk each other. I’ve never in my life seen anything like this. A part of me wishes Hillary would’ve won so all we would have to deal with is Fox News. But, Trump will win a second term and we will have to deal with nonsense for another 6 years.


Trump could have always… Ya know… Not have looked like a puppet bitch on the global stage.

I feel like asking the guy with the nuclear codes to know the difference between would and wouldn’t isn’t a huge ask


As silly as the cover up was, you think that’s why the US is a laughing stock? Woo boy. Must’ve been really bad when Obama claimed he visited 57 states.

Alright, I’m done talking about Trump on here.


I am on record in saying that Trump (barring self-destruction) will win a second Term…

…and I fixed your statement for you.


Everyone agrees she was grossly negligent in this situation. Saying she didn’t intend to break the law is absolutely absurd. She’s a career politician and doesn’t know not to send classified documents over unprotected servers? Get out of here with that.


You ignored my question but whatever. Fine, the world has to deal with it. No apologies will come from my mouth… or fingers.


I think that’s all due to his strategy of being front page news every day, all day. The US Public and I imagine the world public is tired of hearing about him.

The fatigue is real:
“Trump said something stupid again!”
“So what?”


If the media was honest, they would have a better time making issues out of his dumb statements but calling him a nazi and being extremely hyperbolic kind of takes away from what he says.


Unless he is actually impeached for collusion or some such, yes, I agree. Throwing around words like treason and puppet is too much too soon. It will backfire horribly if no findings of Trump colluding with the Russians to alter the results of the election are presented. It will be a “see, fake news” bonanza. A moment to rally around.


Obviously not, as that term was struck from the final report.

And yet, intent goes to the heart of the statute.

She behaved irresponsibly, that’s for sure.


Actually this time he said something plainly incorrect. Then after the outrage Trump bitched out of his prior bitch out.

I call that progress.


You would make a great lawyer. I mean that.

You truly believe she had zero intent to break the law? She’s just an idiot of a career politician? “Gee, I didn’t know I couldn’t do that, even though I’ve been a politician for over 30 years… Silly me.” Highly unlikely. But hey, to each their own I guess.

Any who. Appreciate the convo but we won’t see eye to eye on this one.


(I can already see the pompous Tweets…the out-of-control Rally’s…and Hannity having an on-screen orgasm…)

This is what I think happened, @Sloth

  1. The Russians went all-out Eastern Front on our elections; favoring Trump and discrediting Hillary and the DEMS as much as they possibly could (often using their own words…but also using a misinformation campaign the likes of which the World has never seen in terms of it’s scope…).

  2. Elements of the Trump campaign…(perhaps Trump himself)…knew what was going on…and were perhaps even offered dirt on Clinton…but passed on any direct involvement…and essentially said “Go for it…”. (The term that gained popularity in the 50’s and 60’s among Intelligence Types was “Plausible Deniability”).

To me…direct collusion is doubtful…(even though the naivety and arrogance of Trump, his sons and Kuschner could have led them to make a fatal mistake…)

Time will tell…

That’s my take.


And they replied with TREASON! This is like 9/11! Impeach! Darkest hour of American history! That doesn’t help and it takes away from his stupid.


Well from my PoV, the easiest way to not come off as a bitch puppet is to abstain from saying something that only a bitch puppet would say.

Especially considering the majority of the voting population in America was alive for the cold war.


Ya, you’ve hammered that point home.


Lol hey man you replied to me.

Personally (as I’ve said before) I think Trump’s just a coward with no business facing down people like Putin (duh). I don’t think his ego would allow him to be a puppet knowingly


I truly believe that Comey felt there was no compelling evidence of intent, which is what matters vis a vis bringing charges (the topic at hand).

Further, I certainly don’t think HRC had ‘intent’ in the sense of knowingly and willfully putting any classified material at risk–and hope you don’t either, as there is literally no evidence to support a charge of treason, which is what this would amount to.

This comes closer to the mark (although I would substitute the word arrogant for idiot). My speculation would be this: Rather than stick to the letter of the law (ie, treating all classified material as classified material), she made judgments regarding which pieces of classified info were too vital to be on her personal server, and which weren’t. In short, she violated the letter, but not the spirit, of the law. (And as pointed out in one of the links I provided, such ‘judgments’ are the order of the day among pols and others in DC.)


Ha, that’s all fair.


And is as insecure of an individual as I’ve ever seen…