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Russia Won't Go Away


This might not be far off…


You would have to ask James Comey why he recommended no charges.Ignorance is not an acceptable defense of why he believes she is not guilty of anything. It wouldn’t matter anyways seeing how Ol Slick WIlly had a nice private chat with Lynch on the tarmac. I’m sure they we’re chatting about yoga.
The emails are just the tip of the iceberg, my friend but she’s part of the big boys(persons?) club so here we are. I had zero faith in the republicans to do anything. Plus, no one wants to be suicided.


I’d assume no evidence of a crime. If that’s not the case, a post govt Comey STILL isn’t bringing charges.

It would seem with a GOP controlled everything that it wouldn’t really matter what Bill said, right? I mean I guess unless Bill has more power than 3 branches of govt controlled by the same anti-him party

Will you remember that the next time you decide to go voting or not :wink:


I don’t know any legal scholars who think she didn’t commit a crime. Sending classified documents on a private server is illegal. I have no idea why this has been dropped. Well, I have some idea.

Lynch was the attorney general in charge. Not sure what the republicans had to do with it back then.

It’s hard to vote for either side to be honest. Give me Ron Paul back with a new perspective on foreign policy.


Seem to be an awful lot of them in Congress

Well unless Lynch gave HRC some secret hidden immunity deal, the talk Bill had with her was a stall tactic at best


So are you disagreeing with the fact she committed a crime?

Not sure I understand your point here. There was no stalling going on. Comey didn’t recommend charges so Lynch was off the hook.


Hell I don’t know. But if the GOP can spend a decade hating her, literally start chants about locking her up, gain complete control of the govt, and STILL not ever come close to charging her, I’m doubtful any evidence exists that she commit a crime.

I’m not a law scholar by any stretch, but the only other option is she did and the GOP is letting her off the hook. So, pick yer poison

My point was that neither Comey or Lynch provided Habeas Corpus to HRC. So absolutely nothing stopping them from charging her now


But she 100 percent did. Ignorance was the defense Comey laid out.


Again. Yup. I think that’s true anyways.


So, lifelong Republican Comey decided not to charge her because…

Also, how many legal scholars do you know?


As if being “lifelong republican” means anything. Your guess is as good as mine. But, she did in fact commit a crime. How can you argue that?

2 personally but I wasn’t talking about personally. Feel free to post some that think she didn’t commit a crime. I would like to see their explanation.


Everyone really should pause, breathe, and remember how often many active posters in this very forum said “The world is laughing at us; Obama has made us a laughingstock.”
To the mental contortionists who won’t call a spade a spade, even in the privacy of their own hearts: Now. Now the rest of the world is laughing at the United States of America.

Of course they’re crying at the same time, but that just makes it worse.


Who is laughing at us? I always find these comments on both sides to be silly.


News media in many countries, including Russia, are astounded at the self-abasement of Trump in Helsinki. You absolutely have to be wilfully blind (or a mental contortionist) not to have seen how aghast most people in the world are at the president’s public chastisement of his own country in front of Putin, of all people.


This just appeared in my Facebook news feed - the most famous Icelandic (yes, Icelandic) cartoonist.

The phrase “whole world is laughing” is most definitely a cliche, but it’s not that far off the mark…


I’d say it means a lot.

My guess is he didn’t charge her because…charges weren’t indicated. Assuming you disagree with mine, what’s your guess?

Both of these links speak to the lack of consensus on the issue at hand:

The Russians, for starters. (See @loppar’s comments in this regard.) As for the rest of the world: If they’re not laughing, perhaps it’s because they are more alarmed than amused.

Edit I see loppar beat me to the punch, again.



This is why I’ve been saying over and over and over again, that there has to be a much more descriptive term than “Double-Standard” when you look at the (Rights?/Conservatives?) view of President Obama vs. Trump.

Yes…people will tend to support their Tribe and their Tribe’s leaders…but this has gone beyond simple hypocrisy, to something much greater.

We’ve discussed the “Apology Tour” that was, and still is, a favorite hard-on for the Right (even though President Obama never criticized the U.S., it’s Allies or it’s institutions like Trump has in front of Thugs and Dictators on the World stage)…

Then there is the very simple (and incomplete/taken-out-of-context) statement like “You didn’t make/do this…” (ALONE by the way)…lead to President Obama being hung in effigy; and being berated for years (even now); or incidents where he even ADMITTED MISTAKES AND APOLOGIZED (which Trump will never,ever do…)…like the incident with the security guard that led to his personal “beer Summit” and apology…

Yet Trump can not only insult individuals; but whole institutions; and America itself…

Yet he get pass, after pass, after pass…

It’s mind-boggling.


There’s no way that could be media driven either. Just no way, no how. MSM has been totally fair to “two scoop Donnie.” They just don’t give him the tingles like Obama did.
Meanwhile Canada has the potential to jail people for using the wrong pronouns for lgbtq community and UK is talking about banning knives because banning guns didn’t solve any issues(who would’ve guessed) while their crime rate is higher than NYs for the first time in history but the US is the laughing stock of the world? JFC.


Many Europeans I know saw this as a Trumps definitive moment of weakness. The president of worlds strongest military power played this completely to Putins pocket.

The fact that Trump has been though of US European allies made it even worse.




Indeed, @ddinante

Maybe there is a stronger term than “Non-sequitur”?