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Russia Won't Go Away


Na. Hyperbole. But I don’t see how insulting the leader right next to you of a country who has more nuclear weapons than us, would be a good idea.

Trump signs off on them all, correct? Also I believe Trump doesn’t have much to do with cyber policies but a lot falls on his administration. I don’t think any of us know to what extent Trump had on sanctions.


From the 16th century onwards, rulers of Russia/USSR responded only to shows of firmness and strength aka “don’t fuck with us”. Toadying never gets you anywhere with Russian rulers, because as their Russian media roundup amply demonstrates, they despise the “hey, wanna be my buddy” routine.

Also, note how Trump is unable to discern the difference himself and the US in general - Putin is a-ok because he’s been good to him and hasn’t said anything bad about him.


I don’t think Trump handled the situation that great but it amazes me how far we’ve come from " The 1980’s called and they want their foreign policy back," to RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.




I’d think of it as a clear act of defiance in face (literally) of an enemy. I don’t see a downside if you’re going to come home and walk it back anyway.

Has Trump signed off on an anti Russia initiative in which Congress didn’t have such overwhelming numbers as to allow them instaoverride? And then Trump stalled the sanctions anyways? There might be some where he didn’t fight it as hard, but I haven’t heard of it.

Seems weird that the leaders of so many countries, along with our own, with privy to confidential information, seem to unanimously hate Russia and think they’re a serious problem


Oh, I agree but I don’t think Putin believes it for a second. I just care more about actions and also the hypocrisy of letting certain presidents off the hook. Drives me crazy.


Not sure how this makes your point. I’m talking about the previous administrations softness on Russia and the MSM and people on heres hypocrisy.


Well, there are tangible reasons for this hostility and not because the US was “foolish” and “mean” towards Russia as a certain Donald would have everyone believe.

Obama greatly underestimated Putin and these are the effects because the Russians discovered they could play a superpower on the cheap - intervention in Syria costs around 20 million a month while the entire Russian cyber effort so far costs in the low hundred millions. Also lavish bribes/subsidies to willing businessmen and their politician friends all over the world aren’t even making a dent in the Russian budget.

Compare that to the cost of US intervention in Afghanistan, for example.


I guess I don’t see the point but whatever.

They are a problem. They always have been. That’s my point, hence I brought up the previous administration and the hypocrisy.


Bare minimum, it doesn’t hurt anything to intentionally not look like a puppet bitch if you’re going to walk it down when you leave the room.

I agree that Obama was too soft on Putin. He was too soft on a lot of things


I don’t buy that either. As in what Trump said was silly.


I don’t see where you disagree with me or me with you so far. My first post today stated the giant hypocrisy of dems and repubs on Russia all depending who was president. My problem is with them and the media. I mean saying that Trump and how he handled Putin is like 9/11 or this is treason is absurd.


Fair. I guess I just look at it as trivial but I’m not an expert on foreign policy and how to deal with Putin or global affairs. I just care that the U.S. has strong(er) policies against Russia and it seems like it so far.


The problem with acting like a puppet bitch is people tend to think you’re a puppet bitch. Personally I think Trump’s just a coward, but it’s not like the puppet thought is hard to sell

Well we’ve uncovered ongoing cyber disruption directed at America from Russia on what? Like 5 or 6 occasions so far? Hell we just indicted a slew of them. Acting like they’re hunky dory while your Justice Dept is currently charging their spies doesn’t seem like a great foreign policy move.

I’d just like a foreign policy that doesn’t line up so perfectly with Putin’s public interests. Save that, I’d really just like him to do something that makes me feel better about the hacking and tin foil collusion shit. I’ll settle for a single anti Russia act that isn’t forced upon him


My personal go-to loony-tunes theory? Trump, who is well-known to be pathologically afraid of being poisoned (is why he favors fast food), is deathly afraid Putin is going to poison him, and is sucking up in hopes of currying a ‘we’re homies, so don’t assassinate me’ level of favor. (Note this would explain why Putin poisoned those expats in GB–to reinforce Trump’s phobia.)

/loony, wildly speculative theory


I’ll settle for not handing out US citizens to Putin

Holy crap McFaul is actually afraid he’ll be handed over by Trump. A former US ambassador. Think about that. Trump described it as an incredible offer.


See, the same could be said of Obama.(Sure, I’ll take down our missile defense.) Who’s the puppet again?
But MSM, nor you I bet, thought Obama was a puppet for Russia. That has been my whole issue with this mess. THE HYPOCRISY. The Trump derangement syndrome is something I never could imagine would rise so high. The dude brings out emotions, that’s for sure.
Now, could Trump be a puppet? Sure, impeach immediately when the evidence arrives. Until then, this is all silly.

On that note, I’m out. Good chat fury.


The difference between being weak (Obama) and looking like a puppet (Trump) largely depends on whether or not you’re going to make it look like he’s working his hand on global TV.

The MSM and others have called Obama weak on many occasions. Your issue is specifically with him being called a puppet?

Not to whataboutism… But wouldn’t this apply to Podesta/HRC?

Have a good night!


Can we read Trump’s damning emails as original source material like with wikileaks?

Has Trump destroyed classified evidence to cover his tracks?

Not exactly the same for a fair comparison. The public got to read the full text in the DNC leak. Hillary destroyed 30k emails and at least 3 phones on top of the physical files from the original Clinton administration (whitewater if I recall correctly).

While Trump is a bumbling idiot, I don’t know that he destroyed evidence.


So which side do you fall on? Congress/Trump have the full classified Intel story and there’s nothing to charge and the public is fulloshit in their internet law degree OR there is something to charge and a GOP DOMINATED govt that spent a DECADE publicly hating HRC and they’re letting her off the hook anyways?


The RNC was hacked too; the GRU & Wikileaks just didn’t release it. But more is coming on that front.