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Russia Won't Go Away


Ya, dude says some shitty things:/


See? I said because of the anti-war stance!

EditL It’s the whole Austrian Economics/Libertarian school especially.


Part of it, yes… I don’t know anyone who wants to go to war with Russia. Or China for that matter.


If Hillary won, the sitting president would have full knowledge of the extent of the hacking/etc, AND be the person that was targeted, who now has full ability to get payback.

In what world would we not be hearing about if Hillary won? Putin hated her guts (obv), it’s not like she’d need to pull punches


Yeah, I know. I don’t either! But that gang of Libertarians (Mises inspired) always seems so reflexively paranoid over war, that any mention of legitimate foreign wrong-doing gets met with a “yeah, but we did/do this or that, so let’s all chill out.”


Dude, the media waaaaaaaaaaay over-hypes this because of their hatred for Trump. In what world can you deny that? That is why we hear about Russia. You’re crazy if you think there would be this much hysteria over Russia with Hillary as president.
Do you also think all those ads we’re pro Trump? You’d be wrong.

Plus, everyone conveniently forgot about all those Podesta emails. Forget the content. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, though.


Fair. They can be. I don’t think Rand is paranoid or anything but I agree with his takes. I just can’t tell you how many people on this very website stuck up for Obama on how he handled our enemies. I agree with their takes but their takes seemed to have change with the changing of the president. (See my first post today.)


I don’t (and didn’t) deny that at all

I don’t think there’d be much hysteria at all. I think with a pretty unanimous bipartisan agreement about Russia fucking with our election we’d acknowledge Russia did it, and do our best to not let it happen again.

The hysteria is driven by the nature of Trump looking like a goddamn bitch puppet

I didn’t say they were?

ROFL who the fuck forgot? My family hasn’t stopped talking about it


For all those non-Russian speakers, you guys (and gals) should follow Julia Davis who does daily roundups of Russia State TV propaganda and how they treat Trump with a counterintuitive disgust for his toadying while grudgingly giving credit for the work he’s been doing for Russia.


Trump meeting with Putin is like 9/11!!! That shit doesn’t help. But you’re right. There would be almost zero hysteria if Hillary was president. And like I said, Trump and his administrations policies have been harder on Russia than Obama’s we’re.

Media. Anybody with some power. Sorry. Should’ve been more clear.I don’t think much of the general public gives a damn, though.


Thanks. I’ll check her out.


Would have definitely helped if he didn’t act like a bitch puppet while 15 feet from Putin, to immediately backtrack and claim he misspoke

I agree. Significantly more people are being indicted under Trump’s term than Obama ever dreamed of

Like a republican controlled Congress with a republican POTUS and republican dominated state govt?

Agreed. Nobody really cares about the loser


Exactly. Would’ve been much better to insult him.

Cop out.

Hell yes. Did you think I was only blaming democrats and the liberal MSM or something?

Ya, only the people that read the emails seem to care. Sad.


TBH, I’ll take a POTUS that insults enemy dictators over our own IC any day. I’m perfectly alright with that.

It was a jab, not a cop out. I agree the GOVERNMENT has been harsher on Russia this term compared to Obama’s, not the administration.

I brought it up to demonstrate that if there is a guilty party (like the lock her up chants from the rallys), Trump and his GOP dominated govt are letting them off the hook. So option 1 is no crime was committed (or at the very least there’s no evidence of such), and option 2 is a crime was committed, and Trump/GOP is intentionally not going after them.

What would you have the current govt do irt Podesta? Serious question.


Well, considering Trump is a self-proclaimed ‘tough guy’, it’s just kind of weird that he ignores Kosovo, the shooting down of a civilian airliner, the annexation of a country, the poisoning of people on British soil, and the election interference. He doesn’t have to insult him, but he also doesn’t have to insult his own country and his own intelligence agencies. It’s not about name calling anymore, or ‘never Trump’/‘not my president’ bullshit, it’s about recognizing what a press conference looks like when an asset is standing next to his handler. If you think Trump, the shadiest businessman ever, doesn’t have any dark secrets, and that there’s NO way Putin could know them, you’re kind of turning a blind eye at this point. It’s the only reason you’d be bringing up anything about Obama/Hillary - whataboutism is the savior of Trump defenders.


Also, Obama at least expelled Russian diplomats from the country, which angered Putin. Trump has done LITERALLY NOTHING except advance every single interest that Putin has. He has failed to condemn him for ANYTHING, tried to prevent sanctions on Russia, even attempted to negotiate Russia being readmitted to G-7. During this time, Russian state TV has repeatedly insulted and belittled Trump. You’re telling me the man who can’t let a nerdy kid in his grandma’s basement with a Twitter account let off an insult without responding is just ignoring an entire country?


Right next to them? D’oh k. I think it’s time for another cold war, too.

So Trump hired the right people or are you going to tell me Trump had nothing to do with it?

Oh, I know… A crime was committed with Hillary’s handling of the emails alone. Big dogs play by different rules than us little guys, though.

I’ll retract my podesta statement. There’s too much to unload there.


Wait… You don’t really believe the deciding factor of a cold war starting is reliant on whether or not you say it from 15 feet on global TV or from 15000 miles on global TV…? Right?

Congress imposed nearly all of the anti Russia sentiment since Trump started? Those fine dumbs and asses were hired by the American people, tyvm

So option 2?


It’s hard to overhype an act of cyber-warfare.

This made me laugh.


It can be done, and in Putin’s face nonetheless. And what’s ironic is that it’s been done by the plainest individual ever whom the alt-right demonizes as the beta/cuck/whatever.